A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire: RSM Expands Westward!

A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire: RSM Expands Westward!

The Prairies are Rising Red

Within the last year of the work of the MER-RSM, perhaps the most promising development of our organization has been the affiliation of two anti-capitalist organizations in the prairies with our Pan-Canadian organization – the Socialist Student Association (SSA-RSM) at the University of Saskatchewan, and the University of Manitoba Student Action Network (UMSAN-RSM). Through this, the MER-RSM has been capable of uniting revolutionary students across this previously untapped area of central Canada, creating a basis of experienced and already engaged organizers that can spread the militant student movement across Canada.

With the degradation of the economic conditions in the prairies for working class people, as unemployment increases; the intensity of the contradiction of settler-colonialism within this area of the country due to significant high populations of Indigenous peoples posed against resource extractive economies; and the intense attacks upon education across English-Canada, the situation is all too ripe that such a spark as the MER-RSM will undoubtedly start a fire across the Prairies. 

  • A Statement of the Pan-Canadian MER-RSM Coordinating Committee


After the Day of Action: What Next?

After the Day of Action: What Next?


The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) is excited to see that so many students across the country participated in November 2nd Day of Action, demanding an end to an education system which is unaffordable and inaccessible to most working class people and people from marginalized communities. Seeing this mobilization is truly inspiring, especially since most students who participated did not have an academic amnesty and many had to skip classes in order to demonstrate that they want these changes to be made now. Members of the RSM across the country have joined the actions in their cities with enthusiasm and have been involved in organizing in support of this initiative – we took part in marches and demonstrations, handed out leaflets outlining our position, promoted today’s events, and organized walk-outs.

However, despite today’s Day of Action being a success in mobilizing a large number of students across the country, we maintain our critiques of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). We maintain that it is an ossified, anti-democratic, bureaucratic, and reformist organization that serves as a barrier to the creation of a combative student movement in English Canada. The CFS did not call for a day of action out of a genuine desire to launch a truly mass-based anti-tuition campaign, nor out of a desire to increase the level of militancy in its current activities against the rising cost of tuition. Instead, it will again use the day of action as part of its lobbying efforts, as a means of cynically using the mobilization of students to provide weight to the annual meetings that CFS bureaucrats have with politicians.

The actions of CFS bureaucrats today proved our critique to be correct. At many rallies, organizers made the call to vote for politicians who would supposedly bring us free education, and to vote out the ones who do not support this demand. Organizers who sought to put forward the necessity of a strike were, in some places, barred from speaking. The CFS has used mobilizations like today as part of their lobbying efforts for more than a decade, and meanwhile tuition fees have steadily been on the rise across the country. 

Furthermore, the demands of the CFS do not go far enough. The current campaign and day of action is directed only against tuition fee increases. The RSM stands for the complete abolition of tuition and ancillary fees, the cancellation of all student debt, and for complete open access to all post-secondary institutions in Canada. Only by eliminating fees and entrance requirements can education become truly accessible for the working class in Canada. The RSM stands for access to post-secondary education for all Indigenous people, and an anti-colonial aspect to all education programs. Not just the Indigenization of programs and institutions that aim to continue to dispossess Indigenous people from their land, but independence of all Indigenous departments and students from settler organizational models. The RSM stands for education to be put in the service of people and not profit; we argue that research should be for the benefit of all people and not the benefit of corporations, and that education should serve struggles for justice and liberation.


But now that the Day of Action is over, where do we go from here? The RSM proposes the following concrete steps as a program for building a fighting student movement across Canada:

  1. Students should fight for General Assemblies as the highest decision making bodies of their student unions. In turn, where General Assemblies already exist, students should fight for General Assemblies at both the campus and faculty level.
  2. Revolutionary students should campaign and promote the idea of a one-day strike against tuition.
  3. Votes for a one-day strike against tuition should be held in General Assemblies where they exist as a means of building a culture of striking.
  4. These sorts of activities should be continued and escalated, until it is possible to coordinate strikes between campuses.
  5. Strikes should serve as a way of forcing social crises where possible: we will force the state and ruling class to act, rather than simply beg them for table scraps.

The end of tuition, debt, the bourgeois education system, and capitalism are all possible. But in order to win, we need to be organized, and we need revolution.

In just over a week the RSM will be holding its Sixth Pan-Canadian Congress in Montreal. We invite all revolutionary youth and students, who agree with the political perspectives we uphold as well as the concrete steps we propose, to attend either as members of the RSM or observers.

For a truly democratic student movement in English Canada!

Towards a student strike for the elimination of tuition fees!


Against American Chauvinism: SDS Go Home!

Against American Chauvinism: SDS Go Home!


Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is an American multi-tendency student organization started in 2006, which is roughly based off of the organization with the same name from the 1960s. While they have many chapters and affiliates within the United States, recently SDS has branched out and gained an affiliate in British Colombia: a high school student organization called the BC Student Alliance.

The Revolutionary Student Movement denounces the spread of SDS into Canada. We think it is entirely inappropriate for an American organization to organize in Canada: a distinct country, with a distinct political history and tradition. SDS has virtually no knowledge of the material conditions in Canada, nor do they understand the context of student organizing and student politics: they simply have not done the social investigation. SDS has no ability to support any organization or any struggles that are in Canada, and their leadership has even admitted that they are not able to focus on Canada due to a lack of resources. In this sense, they do a disservice to the student and revolutionary movements in Canada by organizing in Canada.

The fact that SDS believes that they bring forward a unique perspective, or have unique insights into the Canadian situation –insights and perspectives that other organizations in Canada do not possess – reeks of American exceptionalism and national chauvinism. The Canadian left has a long history of perspectives gained through trial and error, as the left has responded to the conditions as they exist in Canada. SDS is totally ignorant of this history. Proof of this is the fact that organizers from SDS have actually reached out to RSM organizers, and have asked us to clarify the conditions on the ground and the practice of their own affiliate, the BC Student Alliance!

These actions by SDS show SDS’s complete lack of respect for revolutionary organizations in Canada, and our struggles here in building a revolutionary movement. For instance, when the RSM first approached SDS (in private) about our concerns, the SDS suggested that the RSM become the Canadian section of SDS! Such a condescending, national-chauvinist approach to international relations has no position on the left, let alone coming from a self-described anti-imperialist organization like the SDS.

By approaching organizing in Canada in such a haphazard, uninformed, and amateurish way, SDS actually harms the construction of a revolutionary movement among students in Canada. Furthermore, SDS wastes the time of organizers in Canada by bringing them into an organization that SDS openly has said they are not able to support. SDS has no place in Canada.

The RSM demands that the Students for a Democratic Society disaffiliate from all of their international sections, including the BC Student Alliance.

The RSM demands that the Students for a Democratic Society not organize outside of the United States.

The RSM demands that the Students for a Democratic Society issue a public self-criticism of their chauvinistic political line and actions.

The Revolutionary Student Movement will continue to build the revolutionary movement in Canada, with respect to the unique conditions faced by proletarian students across Canada. The RSM will not take orders from, nor will it affiliate to, American organizations.

The Revolutionary Student Movement stays dedicated to the struggles of working class students and the broader working class in Canada. While we disagree with the BC Student Alliance in affiliating to SDS, we remain dedicated to continued joint-work and line struggle with the BC Student Alliance as a means of building greater unity in Canada. 

  • A Statement of the Pan-canadian MER-RSM Coordinating Committee
Sixth Pan-Canadian Congress!

Sixth Pan-Canadian Congress!

display-imageThe Revolutionary Student Movement is pleased to announce our Sixth Pan-Canadian Congress, to be held in Montreal on November 19 and 20, 2016!

We invite all interested people and organizations to attend, to help build the revolutionary movement among students!

Since our last Congress in Ottawa during the fall of 2015, the Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) has continued to grow. Multiple new sections have opened across Canada: our expansion has been particularly notable in Western Canada and in the Maritimes. Our work as also developed: as part of our last Congress’ focus on consolidation and “digging-in”, nearly every section of the RSM has engaged in meaningful mass work. Our mass work has included: the fight against school closures in Vancouver, solidarity work with indigenous activists across Canada, serve-the-people programs including the “bouffes populaires” in Montreal, radical sex-education in Peterborough, the successful fight for access to abortion in PEI, solidarity with striking newspaper workers in Halifax, the campaign to remove the racist former police chief from McMaster’s campus in Hamilton, and the continued struggle against men’s rights fascists particularly in Ottawa. These are just a few of our activities; the sum total would be too great to list.

However, while the RSM has grown and our work has improved, we have also made errors. Chief among these errors was a failure to really specify what we meant by “consolidation”. Because of this, in some locations the RSM sections turned inwards, rather than orienting toward the masses of proletarian students. In turn, because of the speed at which the RSM has grown, we have often had difficulty leading an organization of our size: leadership development has not always kept pace with the growth of the RSM. On a political level, despite the last Congress adopting a comprehensive political report, the line has not always informed nor translated into the work of local sections. Further, the RSM has not moved forward in its plans to develop a comprehensive program for proletarian students across Canada. While the period between our Fifth and upcoming Sixth Congresses has been generally positive, there was certainly room for improvement.

With this in mind, the Coordinating Committee has identified the following focus areas for the Sixth Pan-Canadian Congress of the RSM:

  • Leadership Development: The RSM needs to better develop its middle-leadership. Given the size of the RSM, there needs to be a focus on building structure and an “internal staff” of sorts tasked with helping the work of the organization as a whole.
  • Further Consolidation: We need to grapple with precisely what it means for RSM sections to consolidate, and to really “dig in” to the mass struggles in their respective areas.
  • Strengthen Organization: We need to pay more attention to spreading best practices across different RSM sections. To that end, we will create a series of “organizational documents” – a guide to revolutionary work – in order to help the work of current sections and also to help build new sections.
  • Deepening Perspective: We invite updates to the political report which was agreed on at the last Congress.
  • Against Tuition Increases in Ontario: There is a strong possibility that Ontario will deregulate tuition fees in 2017. The RSM should initiate a mass struggle against the deregulation of tuition fees, pulling together a broad based campaign across political lines.

To this end, the Coordinating Committee invites all sections of the RSM to prepare resolutions dealing with these themes or others, and submit them for discussion at the Congress.

The Coordinating Committee invites all RSM sections to send delegates to the Congress. Details will follow regarding delegate selection procedures.

The Coordinating Committee invites all supporters of the RSM to form new sections of the RSM before the upcoming Congress, and apply to send delegates.

The Coordinating Committee invites existing groups to vote on joining the RSM to participate in the upcoming Congress, so as to strengthen the movement of revolutionary students.

And finally, the Coordinating Committee invites anyone interested in our practice and political line to send observers to the Sixth

Congress so as to better understand what we’re about.

The development of the revolutionary movement in Canada –both among students and among workers more broadly- is advancing by leaps and bounds. We invite you to become a part of the struggle.

If you or your organization is interested in participating, email: info@mer-rsm.ca .

See you in Montreal!


The RSM is the Canada-wide organization of revolutionary and anti-capitalist youth and students. We first came together as a collection of small groups from Ontario and Quebec in December of 2012. We now exist in every region of the country, with over 15 different sections. We organize in CEGEPS, colleges, high-schools, and universities. We are against exploitation, alienation, and oppression in all its forms; in short, our goal is to contribute to the struggle against capitalism by organizing working-class students towards revolution.

All Out November 2nd – Towards a Student Strike in Canada!

All Out November 2nd – Towards a Student Strike in Canada!


On November 2, 2016, the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) has called for a Canada-wide day of action against tuition increases. The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) unequivocally supports the call for a day of action. While we have differences of both political line and tactics with the CFS, the RSM will always support action against tuition fees and we commend the CFS for this initiative. We urge all of our members and supporters to help with the organizing efforts in their various locales towards making the November 2nd day of action huge.

While we support the day of action, we feel it necessary to qualify our support. Our position towards the CFS –that it is an ossified, anti-democratic, bureaucratic, and reformist organization that serves as a barrier to the creation of a combative student movement in English Canada – remains unchanged. The CFS did not call for a day of action out of a genuine desire to launch a truly mass-based anti-tuition campaign, nor out of a desire to increase the level of militancy in its current activities against the rising cost of tuition. Instead, it will again use the day of action as part of its lobbying efforts, as a means of cynically using the mobilization of students to provide weight to the annual meetings that CFS bureaucrats have with politicians. The CFS is open about this fact (though we doubt they will be open about this during the mobilizations this fall!): CFS-Ontario writes that its current campaign, Fight the Fees, has been launched in preparation for the 2018 Ontario elections.

It is worth pointing out that this basic strategy of the CFS –mobilizations to supplement lobbying- has been the basic strategy of the CFS since its creation. And sure enough, aside from a few minor victories here and there, the strategy has been ineffective: even the relatively benign demands that the CFS makes of the federal and various provincial governments are ignored. In the context of the looming deregulation of tuition fees in Ontario in 2017 – an act that will serve as a blueprint for other provincial governments outside of Ontario to follow -, mounting student debt, increasing tuition, and a lack of jobs for youth and students, the inability of the CFS to actually win gains for its members shows increasingly the need for revolutionary students to break from the CFS.

Furthermore, the demands of the CFS do not go far enough. The current campaign and day of action is directed only against tuition fee increases. The RSM stands for the complete abolition of tuition and ancillary fees, the cancellation of all student debt, and for complete open access to all post-secondary institutions in Canada. Only by eliminating fees and entrance requirements can education become truly accessible for the working class in Canada. The RSM stands for access to post-secondary education for all Indigenous people, and an anti-colonial aspect to all education programs. The RSM stands for education to be put in the service of people and not profit; we argue that research should be for the benefit of all people and not the benefit of corporations, and that education should serve struggles for justice and liberation. Finally, the RSM stands for the democratic control of post-secondary institutions by students, support staff, community members, and faculty. And this is just the beginning. On all of these issues –issues which we see as being at the core of fighting for access to education- the CFS has very little to say.

In 2012, students in Quebec launched a strike which brought the Quebec government to its knees. The RSM continues to argue that this is an example that deserves to be emulated in the rest of Canada. Since then, the CFS has done absolutely nothing to try to learn from and implement the lessons of the Maple Spring throughout the rest of Canada. The lobbying efforts of the CFS are a dead end; the only way to force the hand of the government on the issue of tuition is to strike. The RSM holds that the creation of a genuinely democratic student movement is a precondition for student strikes in the rest of Canada. In place of the CFS bureaucratic and corporate style of student unionism, where only a handful of elected officials are consulted on the affairs of the student association, the RSM will continue to work for general assemblies of all members as the highest decision making bodies of their respective student unions. In order to win we must strike, and in order to strike we need democratic control over our student unions.

To this end, the RSM encourages its members and supporters to use the November 2nd day of action to break further with the failed politics and tactics of the CFS. While we will throw ourselves into the mobilizations for the day of action, we will also continue to struggle against the CFS bureaucrats who seek to use the day of action to maintain their stranglehold over their respective student unions. We invite all students to join the revolutionary contingents that are being planned across Canada as part of the November 2nd rallies.

For a truly democratic student movement in English Canada!

Towards a student strike for the elimination of tuition fees!

All out November 2nd!Thumbnail

De Caire Off Campus Campaign Stages Disruption at McMaster

De Caire Off Campus Campaign Stages Disruption at McMaster


On August 29, members of the De Caire off Campus! Campaign disrupted the President’s of McMaster’s undergraduate address. Students distributed leaflets as two members of the coalition spoke about why the De Caire Off Campus! Campaign opposes De Caire, and the effect that a Director of Security and Parking like De Caire could have on new students at McMaster.

In December 2015, McMaster University hired former Hamilton police-chief Glenn De Caire for the position of Director of Security and Parking. We oppose De Caire because during his tenure as police chief he codified and encouraged racist practices among his officers, especially the practice known as “carding.” Carding in Hamilton disproportionately affected Black and Indigenous people; Black and Indigenous people were over four times more likely to be carded than white people in Hamilton. The Ontario Human Rights Commission stated that De Caire’s defense of carding constituted “a textbook description of racial profiling.” De Caire is also responsible for the creation of the ACTION police teams, which harass racialized, Indigenous, and working class people in the downtown core and act as the shock-troops of gentrification in Hamilton. More recently, a lawyer acting on behalf of De Caire contacted the McMaster student Newspaper, The Silhouette, and intimidated the newspaper by suggesting that an earlier article on De Caire’s hiring had contained defamatory statements; an accusation which the De Caire Off Campus! Campaign rejects. Given De Caire’s record, the De Caire Off Campus! Campaign believes that De Caire’s presence at McMaster is a threat to racialized and Indigenous, as well as a potential threat to campus activism.

The De Caire off Campus! Campaign was launched in late 2015, after De Caire was hired as the Directory of Security and Parking. The De Caire off Campus! Campaign demands that McMaster immediately remove DeCaire from his position. The De Caire Off Campus! Campaign is a coalition of a number of campus and community organizations including the McMaster Womanists, the Revolutionary Student Movement, and the Young Communist League. Our first meeting for the Fall 2016 semester will be on September 12, at 7PM, in the McMaster University Student Centre, Room 220.

Thank you Carly Spoelstra for the footage below

Greetings to Jugendwiderstand!

Greetings to Jugendwiderstand!

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades,

We in MER-RSM are excited about the presentation on our organization that Jugendwiderstand is going to hold. This is the first time, to our knowledge, that such a presentation takes place abroad and we are glad to have gained such attention from another anti-capitalist organization abroad. While we are not strictly a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization, our organizations have much in common – both our movements are revolutionary, both mainly organize proletarian and revolutionary youth in centers of imperialism, and struggle to end capitalism, imperialism, and all institutional and individual oppression wrought by it.
We hope that this presentation will be helpful in advancing the struggle in your country and that this will be the beginning of closer ties between our organizations.

Red Salute,
Coordinating Committee of MER-RSM

Event page on Facebook:

Jugendwiderstand website:

The Revolutionary Student Movement Celebrates International Workers Day!

May Day 2016! The Revolutionary Student Movement will be participating in various actions across Canada to celebrate the ongoing struggle of the working class against capitalism, and to mourn the many people who have lost their lives to the abhorrent conditions of this oppressive system. On this day we extend revolutionary greetings and wishes of solidarity to all people struggling against capitalism, imperialism and colonialism. We stand in solidarity with the People’s Wars and revolutions being waged all over the world by revolutionaries in India, the Philippines, Nepal, Turkey, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Peru, and others.

Toronto RSM

On this day, we wish to highlight the following struggles that revolutionary students and youth across Canada are engaged in:

  1. General Assemblies and Democratization of Student Unions! At Algonquin College, where our comrades are organizing around the right for students to bring forward referendum issues to the Student Association, and York University, where our comrades are fighting for a real general assembly.
  2. Proletarian Feminism! Our comrades in Peterborough have initiated the Revolutionary Gender & Sexuality Education Program, and the counter-demonstration against the anti-choice “March for Life” co-hosted by the RSM sections in the Ottawa region.
  3. Against Militarization and Increased Policing! In Toronto, RSM sections are working on the 15 Years of War campaign to highlight the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan. In Hamilton, the RSM initiated the De Caire Off Campus! campaign, against pro-carding former police chief Glenn De Caire’s hiring as head of campus security.
  4. Anti-Fascism and Anti-Racism! Our comrades in Montreal and Toronto have taken the lead in organizing against far-right organizations such as PEGIDA, other reactionary groups such as the Jewish Defence League and Men’s Rights groups like the Canadian Association for Equality. We are now one of the main anti-fascist organizations in Montreal and remain one of the only student groups openly challenging Men’s Rights Activists.
  5. Immigrant Solidarity! Our comrades in Montreal have been forging ties in the Kurdish community and doing solidarity work with the resistance of the Kurdish people against the Canadian supported Erdogan regime and the Islamic State.
  6. Against School Closures! RSM Sudbury has been working to fight for the rights of students caught up in Laurentian’s decision to close its Barrie campus. In Vancouver, the RSM has been working against the Vancouver School Board’s plan to close down schools in proletarian and racialized neighbourhoods.
  7. Worker Solidarity! In Halifax, the RSM has been working on organizing journalism students to stop them from scabbing on the strike by journalists at the Halifax Chronicle Herald.
  8. Against Tuition Fees! In 2017 tuition fees in Ontario will be deregulated. In anticipation of what will likely be a massive increase in fees, we call for all progressive, democratic, and revolutionary students to come together and fight. More plans will be available in the coming months.

With this statement we affirm our commitment to struggle in the interests of working-class students and the broader working class for the coming year. We will continue the fight against capitalism, against settler-colonialism and imperialism, and against the capitalist state! If you would like to help us in smashing capitalism and building a better future, we call on you to join the Revolutionary Student Movement!


For more information on May Day events in your area, check out the list of events provided here by the PCR-RCP: http://www.pcr-rcp.ca/en/archives/1845

Join the Fight Against MRA Reactionaries! CAFE has no Place in our Communities!

Join the Fight Against MRA Reactionaries! CAFE has no Place in our Communities!


In the first week of February 2016, notorious “neo-masculinist” Roosh V’s proposed meetups for his “pick-up artist” (PUA) followers across the world were crushed by the collective anger and power of the masses. Across Canada, the people mobilized protests and militant responses to what was correctly identified as the hate speech of the anti-feminist Roosh V and his misogynist followers. But the battle against the backwards ideas of reactionaries who seek to push back the gains of the feminist struggle over the last decades must not stop there. The PUAs represent only one especially disgusting section of the entire network of websites, organizations, and communities that make up the so-called “manosphere,” a network that has its political expression in the infamous Men’s Rights Activism. We must not hesitate to expose this entire movement, from its militant fringes to its sanitized fronts, for what it is: a reactionary movement of male-supremacists seeking to preserve a status quo of oppression, hierarchy, and inequality. Openly misogynist and backwards “manosphere” groups like the notorious American network A Voice for Men (AVfM) hold extreme right-wing views, including: that male power and structural inequality under patriarchy are a myth, as Warren Farrell claims in a 1990s book often described as the “Bible” or the “red pill” of the Men’s Rights Movement; that the existence of rape culture is a lie perpetuated by feminists to oppress men, so that accusations of rape are nothing more than a tool to keep women in a dominant position in society; and that present-day society is structured to disadvantage and victimize men as a class. All of these ideas are explicitly spelled out in many articles on A Voice for Men’s website.


In Canada, the Revolutionary Student Movement has taken a leading role in organizing against the sanitized MRA front known as CAFE, the Canadian Association for Equality. Knowing that most people will reject the openly misogynist and backwards ideas of groups like Roosh V’s PUAs and AVfM, CAFE uses an elaborate and dishonest branding strategy to keep its political agenda covert. But a closer look reveals that although CAFE is careful to maintain its organizational autonomy, it is politically affiliated with these reactionary groups and exists to give institutional legitimacy to their foundational ideas and causes. At times the connection becomes explicit, as when CAFE promoted an AVfM conference on its website as “important to Canadians[1],” or when AVfM founder Paul Elam and CAFE board member Adam McPhee held a dialogue on AVfM that ended with Paul Elam happily concluding that he saw “a bright future with both organizations moving forward with their missions enjoying mutual moral support[2].”


Furthermore, all of CAFE’s events – including a talk by Warren Farrell, who is also one of CAFE’s advisory fellows – have received enthusiastic coverage from A Voice for Men and its extended network of toxic misogynists[3]. CAFE’s practice of recording protesters at its events on video has resulted in female protesters being identified, tracked down, harassed, and threatened, a practice known as “doxing.” In at least one case, AVfM published a full article exposing a CAFE event protester in depth, written by an anonymous MRA referring to himself as a part of a “growing underground army” and comparing himself to the Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal[4]. The affinity between CAFE, AVfM, and still more underground sections of the “manosphere” make this much more than an empty threat. In March 2014, a Queen’s student publicly involved in planning a protest to a CAFE event, a lecture by University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo, was assaulted and beaten by unidentified attackers the night before the talk[5]. To be sure, CAFE as an organization denounces these individual instances of violence. But these tactics are entirely characteristic of the broader Men’s Rights Movement of which it is a part, a movement that argues that women and feminists specifically are oppressors with whom men are at war. This backwards logic, through which the oppressed are portrayed as an oppressor group that the dominant group must combat in order to preserve their status and identity, is nearly identical to the logic of fascism. In this way, CAFE creates a climate of fear on and off Canadian university campuses to quash and eliminate feminist struggle for genuine equality and justice. This is why we say that even and especially when they try to present themselves as respectable, MRAs must be confronted, exposed, and stamped out everywhere they arise!


We want to say a few words about the people involved in CAFE. Not all of them are open misogynists, and CAFE is quick to put forward its more liberal members as evidence that they are not like other MRA organizations. Some of the people it has attracted seem genuinely concerned with real, existing issues that affect men: suicide and mental health, unsafe working conditions, homelessness, education. But a quick look at its events shows that CAFE, like other sections of the Men’s Rights Movement, merely exploits these issues, claiming that they are all signs of a societal conspiracy against men as a class that feminists cover up by talking about the oppression of women.In this way, MRAs take advantage of the political powerlessness and exploitation of the masses to push forward their reactionary, misogynist agenda. We completely reject the incorrect, incoherent, and dangerous answers they provide to actually existing oppression and exploitation in capitalist society.


The Revolutionary Student Movement is a militant pan-Canadian anti-capitalist organization that organizes working-class students to advance the class struggle on campuses and build a movement to bring about the end of exploitation, oppression, and alienation on the basis of class, race, sexuality, gender identity, and disability. We see this end as achievable only through the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism, a mode of production founded on the exploitation of the working class that has caused endless misery in every society organized along its lines – that has brought about suicide and mental health issues, unsafe working conditions, homelessness, underfunded education, along with many of the other social issues CAFE claims to care about, everywhere it has been put into operation. Capitalism also functions by turning dominant sections of the masses against other groups, along the lines of race, gender, sexuality, language, and whatever else it can opportunistically exploit to keep the masses from uniting to smash their shared enemy. In this regard, misogynist ideas, like other reactionary and backwards ideas, set back the people’s struggle for the end of exploitation and oppression.


The RSM is proud of its history of confronting Men’s Rights reactionaries when they have attempted to organize on campuses across Canada. In April 2014, comrades at the University of Ottawa shut down a lecture by Janice Fiamengo on the non-existence of rape culture; in August of the same year, the Toronto section of the RSM successfully countered another lecture of one of CAFE’s satellite fronts at the University of Toronto. These actions have seen an escalation in the response of CAFE to student protesters; security and police are now commonly found standing by prior to events, anticipating disruptions ahead of time.


Most recently, an RSM action at University of Ottawa on February 10th drew a direct response from CAFE advisor and Ottawa branch Vice-President Janice Fiamengo. Fiamengo is a celebrity in the “manosphere” for her regular video series, the “Fiamengo Files,” which airs on YouTube via an account called “StudioBrulé,” the very same account that posts videos of CAFE events. Fiamengo’s videos argue explicitly that feminism is a totalitarian system that oppresses men. In one video[6], she argues that open rape apologist Roosh V is a wronged victim of the feminist establishment, and cites approvingly from his article “How to Stop Rape,” in which he describes rape allegations as hoaxes used by women to persecute “the previous night’s lover” and goes on to argue for the legalization of rape. In another video from February 2016, she calls for men to “take back their power and their pride” and describes how feminism is turning her into a self-described “raging misogynist[7].” Given her far-right political line, which leads her to argue in other videos that equity is anti-meritocratic and discriminatory against men[8], that sexual harassment is a dangerous myth[9], and that feminism literally wants to degrade men’s souls and take away their specific virtues of independence, objectivity, and strength[10], it’s not surprising that she has also authored violently racist and Islamophobic editorials[11]. In one, co-authored with her husband, the extreme-right ideologue David Solway, she argues that Islam must be rejected altogether from the West and that the so-called “Muslim surge” will bring more and more terrorist attacks on Judeo-Christian values and people[12].


It is unacceptable to everyone who opposes Islamophobic, racist, misogynist, and fascist ideas that Fiamengo, who defends known rape apologists, who organizes a hate group on campus, and who shows nothing but contempt for students[13], is a professor at the University of Ottawa! She is the primary organizer of CAFE at uOttawa, alongside David Shackleton, a retired biology professor who has claimed that feminism today behaves like Nazism did leading up to the second world war, that “the coming war is inevitable,” and that “we have to take women off the pedestal, and we won’t do that as a culture until we see the evil that they do[14].” He has also argued that the mass shooting of women accused of being feminists by Marc Lepine at Polytechnique in 1989 was an inevitable result of feminist persecution of men[15].


In light of all this, the RSM is glad to be attacked by Janice Fiamengo for consistently confronting her organization, the Canadian Association for Equality. We are not interested in a dialogue with her or her organization. We intend to confirm what they suspect: that the masses, the people themselves, racialized, gender-oppressed, exploited, marginalized, recognize the Men’s Rights Movement for what it is, in all of its forms, and will reject it, through direct action if necessary, wherever it rears its head.


We invite everyone who shares these values and who finds it unacceptable that people like David Shackleton, Janice Fiamengo, and Warren Farrell are trying to spread their influence on Canadian campuses to join us in organizing to shut down future CAFE events and stamp out MRA lies, distortion, and deception! If you are concerned about CAFE or any other Men’s Rights Movement presence on your campus, get in touch with the local branch of the Revolutionary Student Movement. Together we can stamp out MRA ideas and fight for the rights, safety, and equality of women and gender-oppressed people on our campuses and in our communities, as well as the rights of all people to leave free of oppression and exploitation in this rotten capitalist system!


The RSM pledges to support struggles against MRAs wherever we have the capacity to do so. We are not afraid of combating reactionary organizations when they try take root around us. We call on everyone who wants to see them gone to join us, they won’t stop unless we stop them!


Down with MRAs, long live the people’s struggle!



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