Join the RSM at Communism-Out-Loud School

Join the RSM at Communism-Out-Loud School

Are you interested in Marxism? Want to learn the basics but can’t get required readings done in advance? The Revolutionary Students Movement (RSM), together with its parent organization Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee (PRAC), are hosting a series of Communist Schools on the topic of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM). These sessions are meant for beginners with no prior knowledge of MLM. In addition, we encourage group study. Therefore no reading of material in advance is necessary. We will take turns reading the material to be studied aloud.

On Sunday March 10th from 5PM-7PM, join the Revolutionary Students Movement at the Coffee Time opposite Lansdowne station for our bi-monthly communist school. The topic for this session is Lenin and Leninism. Copies of the material will be distributed to you when you arrive.

Hope to see you there!

Build the Anti-Capitalist Student Movement!

Join the RSM for a public documentary screening on the activities of the far-left in the Quebec student struggle and open discussion to follow. Tuesday, Feb. 12th at 7 pm, OISE rm. 4410.


The Quebec Student Strike of last year no doubt inspired and radicalized a generation of young people. As capitalists continue ravaging this earth, ruthlessly exploiting and attacking workers and poor people across the globe in its relentless drive to squeeze more & more profit for their greedy selves, this generation of youth–and in particular, working class youth–is left facing a bleak, harsh, and grim future. Students in Quebec mounted a fierce resistance against the capitalist agenda, first fighting against tuition fee hikes and then expanding the fight into a mass social struggle against the Liberal government. The utter defiance against the Quebec government’s repression and attempt to implement a special (emergency) law was a blow to bourgeois legality!

The Revolutionary Student Movement invite those who are fed up with the current state of student politics and who want to organize on a firmly anti-capitalist foundation to a free public documentary screening (with English subtitles) on the activities of far-left during the strike. We welcome discussion on the pitfalls of peaceful protests vs. the militant and sometimes violent actions that occurred over the course of the strike; on spontaneity and organization in the anti-capitalist struggle; on popular democracy in our schools and on our campuses. The RSM will present a report-back from the First National Conference for Students and Youth Activists, that took place in Toronto last December with the hope of rallying new forces to the cause!

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Letter of Solidarity to Peterborough Students

This letter was written by PRAC-RSM upon learning of a planned walk-out and potential sit-in, by Peterborough students, on Dec 11, 2012. This walk-out is in support of Ontario teachers fighting for better work conditions, as well as for the reinstatement of extra-curricular activities. The Peterborough students correctly recognized that the blame for the teacher’s work-to-rule action is on the government and the bourgeoisie, and not their teachers. We laud the initiative taken up by the students. We hope that this protest movement will strengthen into a movement against the privatization of education, and eventually against the ongoing crisis of capitalism itself.

Fellow students,

We were excited to learn about the stand you’re taking today, and we wish to extend our congratulations, our enthusiasm and our solidarity.

You all know as well as anyone that with a loss of school activities comes a loss of hope, a world where only those with the money to pay have a chance to develop into the whole, fulfilled people they have the potential to become while the rest of us face boredom, stagnation and isolation.

You also know that the blame for this situation falls not on the teachers, who in their work-to-rule action against the provincial government are exercising what little power they have over a power structure that wants to deprive them of a good job and a good life.

But yours is a struggle not just for extra-curriculars or for a fair contract for your teachers. It’s a struggle against a system that can no longer provide us with what we need.

Ours is a bleak future – one of debt, poverty, unemployment and imprisonment. Everywhere we look, the promises of prosperity and peace made to us by those who run the whole show are coming unraveled. Pensions are being cut, the cost of living keeps rising, and wages keep falling by comparison. How many of us will have a higher standard of living than our parents? Fewer and fewer all the time.

Broken promises, hardship, and exploitation: that’s all the system has to offer us. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You haven’t asked for our advice, but if you want it, it’s this: the power structure is your enemy. If you oppose them, they’ll never respect you and the only way they’ll ever listen is if they’re afraid – afraid that the spirit of rebellion you embody will escalate and spread, threatening the whole system of exploitation that makes them rich and powerful at the expense of the rest of us.

The spirit of rebellion you’re showing today can be nurtured and can grow into a force for revolution that will change the face of the planet. You can help make a world where we, the masses – the working class and oppressed people – are in control, where all the potential we hold together can be used to better ourselves and each other, where we reject domination and embrace empowerment, where everyone has everything they need.

We’re doing what we can to build this force for revolution, and we want to work with you in doing the same.

It is with great pride we count you within our ranks as students.

In Solidarity,

The Revolutionary Student Movement, Toronto

Communist Propaganda: Red Theatre and Music!

Hi! In case you haven’t heard, Toronto’s Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee and Revolutionary Student Movement is hosting a communist propaganda event, at Hen House–the same venue where the Born This Red! Communist Dance Party was held. What’s special about this event is that PRAC/RSM will be putting on their first red theatre performance.

Here is the event poster:

Synopsis: Gandie is a young student activist at a well-known, bourgeois university. Frustrated by endless Facebook flame wars–correcting reactionaries and liberals crying foul in response to Mao’s supposed death toll–and other forms of unfruitful propaganda work, she heads to the streets. She begins a program of delivering her communist propaganda to the masses, with hilarious, and unexpected, results.

 Hope to see you there!

BORN THIS RED! Revolutionary Dance Party in Support of PRAC/RSM!

BORN THIS RED!: Communist Dance Party

On June 26, 2012, the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee (PRAC) and the Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) will celebrate Pride Week with a night of dancing. There will be a performance by Jadelicious, and revolutionary dance tunes will be provided by DJ Hamma-n-Sickle.

Please join the PRAC and the RSM at the Hen House to celebrate the future collapse of capitalism and homophobia in a revolutionary Communist Dance Party. Yes, our revolution includes dancing!

Time: Tuesday June 26, 2012 (9pm-1am)
Place: The Hen House (1532 Dundas Street West)
Suggested donation: $4 (no one, however, will be turned away)

The PRAC is a communist-influenced grouping that, along with its sister group, the RSM, organizes campaigns, publications, and educational workshops that link racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia to capitalism.

Got questions? Leave a comment. Hope to see you there!

A School is a Prison, but Real Education is Liberation; A Call-Out for High-School Students to Join the Revolution!

Being a high school student sucks! Not only do parents have authority over you at home, but also the teachers, the VP and the principal at school! You have to take bullshit classes like Careers and Civics that teach you nothing about the real world. Many of you even have to deal with the surveillance of cops in the hallways.

Our society is a capitalist one – organized so that rich people can get richer by exploiting the rest of us. While it’s easy to blame teachers, capitalism is what turns schools into prisons. Under capitalism, you are treated as a commodity, something that is bought and sold. Early on in high school, you are streamed into categories—academic or applied. These categories are invented to make you fit into the capitalist system, to train you to be an obedient worker; be on time, be in proper uniform, be obedient, don’t challenge the teachers, and, don’t think for yourself.

Those of us in the Revolutionary Students Movement (the RSM) have put posters up around Toronto high schools. These posters reflect issues that high school students face, such as cops, bullies, bullshit authority, and political powerlessness. The posters introduce RSM’s 100 Schools Campaign, which will continue over the summer and into the school year.

With this poster campaign we want to invite you to connect issues affecting you to capitalism—a system that reduces people, especially young people, to profit. Furthermore, we wish to invite you to think about how you can achieve liberation. We believe that the people who controlthe school system are the same people who control the prison system and the whole social system. We believe overthrowing all of these systems is necessary.

We are interested in meeting you. We invite high-school students to join us at the next Casseroles march in solidarity with the student strike in Montreal and to future events held for the 100 Schools Campaign throughout the summer.

Seize the Time! Blaze a Revolutionary Path!

Seize the Time! Blaze a Revolutionary Path!

1st National Conference of the Students and Youth: October 2012, Toronto, Canada

Parti communiste révolutionnaire – Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada)

It is Right to Rebel

From the Arab Spring, to the UK riots and the #Occupy movements in North America, exploited workers and oppressed masses continue taking the streets. To tackle the economic crisis they created, capitalists and their lackey governments ruthlessly attack and further impoverish the majority of working and poor people. While this minority of the rich and powerful—intent on protecting their obscene profits and lavish lifestyle—gorges itself on the exploitation and immiseration of workers, the vast majority of the world’s population must toil for the most basic necessities to sustain life. “Where there is oppression,” said Mao Zedong, “there is resistance.” At the forefront of these popular struggles, youth from the proletariat and popular classes are rising up against the authority of the ruling regimes. Radicalized students are leaving their classrooms to struggle with the masses in the streets.

It is not difficult to see why. In this latest “age of austerity,” young people from these social strata—who are poor, recent immigrants, undocumented migrants, racialized, and especially those belonging to the First Nations—face further deterioration of their life conditions. In an aggressively imperialist state like Canada, unemployment for those between 15 to 24 years of age is over 17%; that’s more than double the national unemployment rate! Poor, unemployed and underemployed youth—a significant portion of what Karl Marx called the “reserve army of labour”—are criminalized and incarcerated at alarming rates. On or off the job, our quality of life is miserable. Riots and mass rebellions—triggered by racist pig murders and brutal state repression—are the expression of justified rage against this exploitative and crisis-ridden capitalist system. But to give this degenerating system the shove it deserves, we must collectively organize our rage and arm ourselves with revolutionary ideology and politics.

Toward a Unity of Proletarian Youth and Revolutionary Students

In the true words of radical hip-hop crew Dead Prez: “The same people who control the school system control the prison system, and the whole social system.” It’s no wonder they say this school shit is a joke! In Canada, 1 out of 5 teenagers between 15-19 years of age will drop out of school. The “education”—more accurately, the indoctrination—system under the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie teaches us servility and obedience to authority, to act and live within very prescribed (class!) limits, to become dutiful and “flexible” workers for the interest of the bosses, to serve, to obey, to vote in their sham elections!

For those of us who reject this bullshit, who wish for an education that will help break the unending cycle of exploitation and misery, who want to bring an end to the capitalist system, the PCR-RCP encourages your contribution to building a national revolutionary movement of the proletarian youth and students this October 2012.

What is a revolutionary student? According to Mao, we judge whether a youth is revolutionary or not by whether they integrate themselves with the masses or whether they oppress the common people instead. Our perspective is that there is no such thing as an independent student “class” with its own distinct interests. Class permeates the student population as it does the wider society. As students climb up the ladder of higher education in search of upward class mobility, the more likely they will become the trained administrators, bureaucrats, and sentinels for the capitalist system.

Is our intention to become student politicians or politicize students? To serve capital or to Serve the People? Our perspective is that it is very necessary to break with reformism and social democratic politics dominating the student and labour movements. We want to align student struggles with those of young workers on and off the campuses, young workers who are shuffled into mind-numbing, back-beaking, low-pay, low-skilled, precarious jobs. Why should proletarian youth and revolutionary students pursue politics that ultimately preserves a degenerating political system that is not a direct expression of the interests of our class? We should struggle alongside youth who risk imprisonment by the racist capitalist system, with those who refuse to submit to bullshit authority and who are destined to fill the mega prisons in the coming years. Revolutionary students must align their interests and develop clear politics to advance the struggles of the proletariat and oppressed masses toward the only solution that can bring an end to their misery. As the Quebec students are showing the rest of North America, it is necessary to “seize the time” and to expand the immediate struggles against rising costs of higher education and burdensome debt loads to attacking the economic foundation which gives rise to mass exploitation and oppression—to ideologically and politically attack the capitalist system and to mobilize for socialist revolution. In other words, we plan to raise hell and to raise it well.

We therefore invite anti-capitalist young people across the country who are organizing in highschools, in colleges and universities, who are employed or unemployed, and who are from the First Nations, to accumulate our forces and experiences, to develop and organize collectively in the coming months a plan for revolutionary political education, education that can be transformed into militant political action in the class struggle which will truly make the ruling classes tremble.

Settler-Colonialism, Red Power, and Revolutionary Politics–An Evening with Roxanne Dunbar-Oritz

Settler-Colonialism, Red Power, and Revolutionary Politics–An Evening with Roxanne Dunbar-Oritz

Audio recording of this event is now available. To listen, click the appropriate section below:

Introduction by PRAC/RSM and Revolutionary greetings from the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada (RCP-Canada):
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s talk:
Question and Answer period:

In the imperialist countries of the United States of America and Canada, the Native peoples’ struggle for self-determination and liberation is essential to any revolutionary strategy against capitalism. Built on the plunder and theft of aboriginal land, and the brutal oppression of the First Nations peoples, settler-colonial governments today continue their long tradition of genocidal policies for the benefit of parasitical national and multinational corporations. Native reservations are the colonies of these states, where indigenous people are forced to live in intolerable conditions under heavy state repression while their land and resources are violently appropriated for imperialist profits.

Yet 500 years of colonization also produced 500 years of indigenous resistance to colonial oppression and genocide. Spectacular and inspiring examples of indigenous armed resistance and militancy in the contemporary era include the 1973 re-seizure of land in the town of Wounded Knee, by the Oglala Lakota, as well as in the town of Oka in 1990, where the Mohawk people in Kahnesetake valiantly confronted the violence of the Canadian state in defending the integrity of their territories, to mention only a couple. Land tenure is at the heart of Native resistance and sovereignty.

Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee, and its student division, Revolutionary Students Movement, is very honoured to present revolutionary militant and comrade, Dr. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. A longtime activist in the American Indian Movement and the International Indigenous Movement, Dunbar-Ortiz will speak on the rise of the Red Power Movement, which rapidly developed in the wake of Third World national liberation struggles after World War II, and the significant influence of Marxism-Leninism, as well as Maoism, on the national question. From her theoretical and political work, we hope to glean important lessons from Dunbar-Ortiz’ personal experiences of revolutionary struggles while discussing the strategic importance of building a united front in advancing the proletarian class-struggle, for overthrowing the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and for the abolition of capitalism.

Suggested Donation: Pay What You Can

Organized by: Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee (Toronto), Revolutionary Students Movement (Toronto)

Endorsed by: International League of People’s Struggle (Canada)BASICS

Report-Back from the Anti-Corporatization, Anti-Imperialism Rally

Report-Back from the Anti-Corporatization, Anti-Imperialism Rally

Recently, PRAC/RSM participated in an anti-corporatization, anti-imperialism rally organized by a coalition, headed by a student organization at UofT. The rally was by-and-large successful, despite the fact that one of the coalition groups threatened to back out after seeing the previous post.

This experience led RSM to make a post about right-wing sectarianism and opportunism.

Background info:

The deal-breaker, as it came to light, was the fact that PRAC/RSM supported the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan–the C(M)PA . Confusion and abdication of responsibility momentarily took hold of the coalition, as the coalition organizers tried to decide whether to capitulate to the withdraw-ees by changing the overall tone of the event, or moving forward without the withdraw-ees.

This turn of events makes a good teaching moment about one of the dominant tendencies within the mainstream Left: sectarianism.


Sectarianism is sometimes disguised behind anti-sectarian appearances, as MLM Mayhem recently writes. For instance, the broad “‘anything goes’ ideology” that infects the Left fosters the exclusion of groups and ideas that are deemed too radical.

Moreover, sectarianism is complicated by its indulgence in right-wing opportunism, which is the:

“Adaptation of the policy and ideology of the working-class movement to the interests and needs of nonproletarian (bourgeois and petty– bourgeois) strata”. Opportunism is usually associated with revisionism (q.v.) or dogmatism (q.v.). It can be right-wing or ‘left’-wing.”

“Right-wing opportunism comes into being together with the organised working-class movement (trade-unionism, Lassalleanism, “Economism”, [and in this case petty-bourgeois student activism–ed.] etc. ). It manifests itself in the rejection of revolutionary methods of struggle, conciliation with the bourgeoisie and, in the final analysis, abandonment of the struggle for socialism.”

From our recent experience, for instance, we were able to cooperate with the various coalition groups with whom we attended the rally, but only through reaching a disunited kind of unity, and a lowest-common-denominator kind of cooperation, where the coalition prematurely degenerated into a group of ad hoc parties.

Of course, there are time restraints, as the coalition organizers were all working to put together an action at the top possible speed. However, this does not detract from the fact that we all need to be better organized, and rely less on the spontaneity of the moment to stage a successful rally.

RSM learned from this experience that sectarianism is the opposite of unity.

For coalition-building, MLM-Mayhem suggests a number of principles that provide guidelines for maintaining unity. RSM thought it worthwhile to reiterate these principles.

The coalition organization/organizer:

“a) will work in coalitions without trying to force the entire coalition to liquidate itself into its ranks; b) will maintain its parallel principles in this organization without apology, but with humility; c) will not intentionally engage in asinine and internecine left-wing turf wars and member poaching; d) will maintain that their principles will be proved in the class struggle rather than in name-calling.”

Unity is of vital importance, especially in the face of the enemy. Without criticism and self-criticism, there can be no unity. To quote Mao, “that means starting from the desire for unity, resolving contradictions through criticism or struggle, and arriving at a new unity on a new basis.”In the case discussed in this article, the rally could have been better had there been more unity to start with, and better criticism and self-criticism along the way.

Click  here to read the RSM speech from the rally.