RSM Peterborough Serves the People

RSM Peterborough Serves the People

Facebook Header - Serve the PeopleRSM Peterborough is glad to say we are hosting a Serve the People event on Monday November 23rd at 6:30pm in Confederation Park next to the weekly Food Not Bombs Peterborough dinner. At this event we will be distributing winter clothes from the OPIRG Free Market.

In our actions we help to get those who need them warm clothes for this winter and build solidarity with them so we can together struggle against capitalism and the harm it does. We take inspiration for our Comrades in Montreal, Ottawa and Sudbury who have also taken on such initiatives in the past.

We serve the people to help win the struggles of today while building unity and strength so that we can fight the struggles of tomorrow!

To help with both of these necessary tasks and to learn more about RSM Peterborough come out to our Weekly Meetings at 6pm on Tuesdays in LEC 207, Trent University, reach out to us on Facebook: Revolutionary Student Movement Peterborough or email us at


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Fifth Congress of the Revolutionary Student Movement – October 31-November 1, Ottawa!

Fifth Congress of the Revolutionary Student Movement – October 31-November 1, Ottawa!


Update!!!: The RSM Coordinating Committee has made the decision to postpone the upcoming Congress to the weekend of October 31-November 1. This will give everyone -the Coordinating Committee, the sections, groups outside of the RSM, etc.- more time to prepare in order to ensure that the Congress is a success. See you in October!


The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) is pleased to announce that we will be holding our Fifth Pan-Canadian Congress in Ottawa on October 31-November 1! The RSM is the Canada-wide organization of revolutionary and anti-capitalist youth and students. We first came together as a collection of small groups from Ontario and Quebec in December of 2012. We now exist in every major region of the country, with over 10 different sections. We organize in CEGEPS, colleges, high-schools, and universities. We are against exploitation, alienation, and oppression in all its forms; in short, our goal is to contribute to the struggle against capitalism by organizing working-class students towards revolution.

Since our last Congress in late 2014, a lot has changed. We have several new chapters, including for the first time ever a section in Atlantic Canada. As a result, in two and a half years the RSM has grown to be the largest left-wing student organization in Canada. This shows that working-class students are radicalizing as austerity grows ever uglier and attacks our already crumbling living standards. These students are looking for real solutions to their problems; not simply the tired platitudes and failed strategies of the reformist student movement.

At our last Congress we decided to organize a Pan-Canadian Day of Action against austerity and in solidarity with the student strike in Quebec. This came to fruition on March 24 when 12,000 students in 15 different cities across Canada responded to our call. Actions included a large “night demonstration” in Montreal in support of striking students, as well as an historic “long march” from York to the University of Toronto in support of striking academic workers at both schools. For the first time ever, rather than simply responding to events as they arose, the RSM took the lead and pushed the struggle forward across Canada. This represents an important advance in our influence and practice.

Going into our Fifth Congress, our work is far from over. Austerity continues to undermine the living standards of students and workers across Canada. The labour movement is unable to respond to capital’s renewed assault on even the smallest concessions won by workers. Indigenous peoples continue to be brutalized by an ongoing process of colonialism, which not only results in a total lack of self-determination, but also deplorable living conditions –even after the government has finally admitted to genocide! Rising tensions internationally between various imperialisms –principally American and Chinese, but Canadian imperialism as well- raise the spectre of another massive war for the first time in generations. The student movement in Quebec appears to be in temporary retreat, and the bureaucratic “student movement” in the rest of Canada continues to stagnate. Now more than ever the necessity of a revolutionary and militant student movement is clear.

With this in mind, we have set the following goals for our upcoming Congress:

• Advance and strengthen our anti-settler colonial, anti-imperialist, and anti-capitalist political perspectives on the situation of youth and students in Canada;
• Further develop our analysis of the role of revolutionary students in advancing the indigenous struggle for self-determination;
• Establish a plan to develop a Pan-Canadian platform that encompasses the revolutionary demands of students from across Canada;
• Develop a comprehensive plan to create the conditions for student strikes across Canada;
• Unify revolutionary students into the RSM, especially in Western Canada.

To this end, we invite all sections of the RSM to prepare resolutions, dealing with these themes or others, and submit them for discussion at the Congress.

We invite all RSM sections to send delegates to the Congress. Details will follow regarding delegate selection procedures.

We invite all supporters of the RSM to form new sections before the upcoming Congress, and apply to send delegates.

We invite existing groups to vote on joining the RSM to participate in the upcoming Congress, so as to strengthen the movement of revolutionary students.

And finally, we invite anyone who is interested in our practice and political line to send observers to the Fifth Congress, so as to better understand what we’re about.

The development of the revolutionary movement in Canada –both among students and among workers more broadly- is advancing by leaps and bounds. We invite you to become a part of the struggle.

If you or your organization is interested in participating, email: .

See you in Ottawa!

Rally in Solidarity With Baltmore

The Revolutionary Student Movement – Montreal is inviting you to a rally in support of the ongoing protests in Baltimore

The rally will take place at Philips Square on May 20th at 6:30PM


A white police officer killing a black person is one racist murder among others, until the oppressed organize and rebel.

The murder of Freddie Gray catalyzes the legitimate rage of a people.

The uprising of the oppressed is heinous only to the oppressors,
who prescribe peace to impose silence.
Dialogue is therefore impossible.

Cobbles after cobbles, Baltimore wrecks the ruins of the official peace:
the peace of oppression.

Full amnesty for all arrestees! End the state of emergency!

Down with colonial oppression!
No justice, no peace!

“It is right to rebel!”

1st General Meeting of RSM-York!

The Revolutionary Student Movement – York University Chapter is ready to start things off this year! Join us on our 1st meeting of the term if you want to learn more about RSM and what we do, if you’re interested in getting involved, and what to know what our plans are for the term.

WHEN: February 2, 5-7PM
WHERE: York Student Centre, OPIRG Room 449C

We will discuss:
– Why do we need an anti-capitalist, anti-settler colonial, anti-imperialist combative student movement?
– What is the RSM?
– Topics for the weekly Communist Study Groups
– Plans for joining the Proletarian Feminist Front Toronto contingent at the February 14th Strawberry Ceremony for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
– Plans of the York Mobilization Committee and the March 24th Day of Action

If you can’t attend this meeting but would like to get involved, email or drop us a message on our event page here

York University, Rise Up! Join the #RedSpring2015 Mobilization Committee!

York University, Rise Up! Join the #RedSpring2015 Mobilization Committee!

Students of York University!
Rise-up! Mobilize Towards the Pan-Canadian Day of Action, March 24

We are calling for individual students, campus organizations and allies to join the #redspring2015 mobilization committee.

WHEN: February 11, 2014, 4-6PM
WHERE: HNES lounge at the 1st Floor

On the FIRST MEETING, we will discuss:
– Our demands
(Are these demands applicable to our context? Do we have any additional demands?)
– How to engage and outreach to the larger student population
– Our plans for March 24th

If you are interested but cannot join the meeting, email or drop us a message on or RSVP to our event page


Despite the demographic of the York undergraduate population to be composed mostly of working-class and racialized students, events in our campus have shown that we have no say over our how the university can work for us. Worse, Black and Brown students are racially profiled by increasing police presence in campus! Student activists have been heavily targeted by university administration for asking our university to divest from apartheid regimes! Outside, our university is actively participating in the gentrification of Jane and Finch and the displacement of its residents.

We, working-class and racialized students, understand that simply fighting for lower tuition does not guarantee the full accessibility of post-secondary education to our communities. Most of our peers drop out even before their high school graduation! And some of us who manage to attend post-secondary institutions fight tooth and nail to survive, struggling to pay tuition, rent, and bills at the same time, struggling to survive the alienation from a university built on the appropriation of Indigenous land and the appropriation of the labour of colonized people!

The Revolutionary Student Movement is calling for a pan-Canadian day of action against austerity and in solidarity with the Spring 2015 movement on March 24, 2015.We call for the creation of mobilization committees on campuses across Canada with the intent of organizing actions –strikes, demonstrations, walk-outs, etc. – on March 24.

Let’s use this opportunity to build a student movement that is not content with simply begging the government for scraps by lobbying. And let’s use this opportunity to build a student movement across Canada that is not afraid to fight, and not afraid to win.

These mobilization committees will strive to be safe and accessible to all people that wish to participate; in short, any sort of oppressive behaviour (racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, national chauvinism, etc.) will not be tolerated within these committees. The committees must strive to be anti-colonial, feminist and LGBTQ2S+ inclusive, expressed in the committees’ political leadership and in their actions.

We demand:

Students should no longer have to pay for education. Students who could not afford post-secondary education should no longer be punished by high-interest student loans.

Free tuition alone cannot guarantee accessibility. We demand guaranteed admission to every post-secondary institution for all students. Good quality post-secondary education should not simply be for the elite; everyone should have access to the schools and programs of their choice.

Education should serve the interests of people, not corporations or profit. Education should serve the interests of people, not corporations or profit. Research should be done for the benefit of all, not the benefit of private firms. We demand that a democratic and scientific education should replace the imperialist, settler colonial and patriarchal curriculum in post-secondary schools. Education should prepare us to struggle for justice and liberation, not simply prepare us to work.

We recognize that Canada, as a settler colony, is built on stolen land and the genocide of Indigenous peoples. Increased funding must be made available for all indigenous people to have access to post-secondary education, as well as for the creation of indigenous colleges and universities. We demand that education preserves the cultures and languages of indigenous people within post-secondary education, and a necessary anti-colonial component to all programs.

Universities and colleges should be run by the people they serve, not by unelected boards of governors filled with representatives of the big banks and large corporations. We demand the abolition of boards of governors, and their replacement with representative bodies composed of students, faculty, support staff, and members of the community. All representatives should be determined by the university’s community, and subject to recall at any time.

Resisting White Supremacy, Colonialism, and Racism on Campus Event

Resisting White Supremacy, Colonialism, and Racism on Campus Event

The Equity Committee and the Accessibility Community Equity Committee in the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) are holding an anti-colonial and anti-racist event on Tues January 20th between 2:00 – 4:00 pm, with a special panel from groups on campus!


York friends and comrades, please come to this event to learn, share and strategize!
Our university continues to deny that racism and racial profiling occurs in campus. Those who deny the reality of colonialism and white supremacy are the very same people who uphold it — from our Deans, professors, registrar and campus police!
We have to show up and demonstrate not only that white supremacy and colonialism exist, but in fact, students actively organize against them! This campus is ours! Let’s continue to transform it as a site of class struggle!

Working-class universities like York are sites of racism and colonialism as well as of resistance, resurgence and community building. Recent examples include the University’s inaction in the wake of racist Immigration Watch flyers, and the antiblack responses to sexual assaults on campus, including racial profiling of Black students, staff and faculty and the demonizing of the surrounding Jane and Finch community, which the University plays an active role in gentrifying. This conversation between Black, Indigenous and racialized students and teachers explores what an anti-racist and anti-colonial education might look like that counters the pathologization, criminalization and appropriation of our lives and knowledges by the academic industrial complex.

RSVP to the FB event here

Communist Discussion Group at St. George Campus

Communist Discussion Group at St. George Campus

WHEN: Every Friday from 6-8PM, starting on January 23rd, 2014WHERE: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Room 2268 on the second floor.

Join the Revolutionary Student Movement for the first communist discussion group of the winter semester. The discussion group will include discussions about the struggles of proletarian students in Canada, class struggle, imperialism, settler colonialism and the need to organize youth and students towards the revolution!

For this session, we will be reading out-loud and discussing a document from the Revolutionary Communist Party, titled “What is Canada”, in which we outline the capitalist, imperialist and colonialist contradictions of the Canadian State.

We will have copies of the document for everyone during the discussion group.
Hope to see you there!

Revolutionary Students Disrupt Cop Recruitment at Laurentian University

Revolutionary Students Disrupt Cop Recruitment at Laurentian University

On 9 October 2014, the Sudbury chapter of the Revolutionary Student Movement carried out disruptive operations against an RCMP recruitment event held on Laurentian University campus. As the recruitment presentation began at 4pm, members of the RSM stood up to read aloud a statement condemning “the RCMP – enforcers of the racist settler-colonial capitalist order – and their presence here to disseminate state propaganda on the ‘socially beneficial’ role of the police and gather new recruits to expand the police force!”

RCMP: Racist Colonial Mercenary Pigs!The statement went on: “This encroachment on our campus comes on the eve of the first anniversary of the brutal RCMP raid on the brave land-defenders of Elsipogtog who defied exploitation and destruction of their territories. … In opposing the RCMP’s presence here, we stand with the common struggle of all oppressed and exploited people across the world for liberation from the imperialist yoke of the capitalist class, its state institutions, and armed forces!”

The disruption continued with the student-militants brandishing a red banner and chanting “Police everywhere, justice nowhere!” Their intention was to stay until the RCMP ceased the recruitment presentation, left the space and ultimately the campus. However, as one RSM member recounted after the action, “the officer proceeded to physically remove us from the room. Despite acknowledging our actions weren’t illegal and we weren’t under arrest, the officer continued to use force to suppress and silence us.”

RSM members regrouped outside the room and continued to educate students about the enemy in their midst, in line with the mission outlined in the leaflets they handed out: “Whereas the capitalists want to use the university for their own ends … we want to reclaim it for the people, by building a combative movement of revolutionaries and progressives on campus, turning the university into a site of class struggle. Against cop recruitment on campus, we advance the recruitment and development of revolutionaries from the student body.”

Preempting false liberal outrage over impeding the cops’ “right to free expression”, the leaflet explained that the “action is justified because the mantra ‘serve & protect’, so empty and deceitful coming from a cop, can ring beautiful and true when uttered by a revolutionary. We aim to serve the people, to protect the interests of the oppressed and exploited masses, to unite with their most pressing struggles and aspirations while pointing the way forward to liberation, and together make revolution!”

RSM-UofT Expands to the Scarborough Campus!

RSM-UofT Expands to the Scarborough Campus!

WHEN: Every Monday 6-8PM, starting on January 19th, 2014

WHERE: University of Toronto Scarborough Library, Room 253A

We’re pleased to announce we now have two chapters at the University of Toronto!
Those who were unable to make it out to St. George now have the opportunity to meet and discuss revolutionary theory with us in Scarborough. Join us for the first weekly discussion group!

Make sure to ‘Like’ us on our new Facebook page:

The discussion group will include discussions about the struggles of proletarian students in Canada, class struggle, imperialism, settler colonialism and the need to organize youth and students towards the revolution!

For this session, we will be reading out-loud and discussing a document from the Revolutionary Communist Party, titled “What is Canada”, in which we outline the capitalist, imperialist and colonialist contradictions of the Canadian State.

We will have copies of the document for everyone during the discussion group.

Together, let’s make our campus a site of class struggle!!

Revolutionary Frontlines: Speaking Tour

Revolutionary Frontlines: Speaking Tour

This speaking tour is the result of a proposal adopted by the 2nd National Conference of Revolutionary Youth, last June, in Ottawa, following a workshop on Anti-Imperialism.
Indignation and a rejection of capitalist power is on the rise everywhere in Canada. The masses are chomping at the bit for new ideas and strategies to launch a revolution that is capable of ending the cruel and unjust system that is poisoning our lives. Given the advanced state of revolutionary movements elsewhere, the Canadian masses have much to learn from foreign revolutionary struggles. This panel will present the experiences of various revolutionary groups -particularly from Venezuela, India, and the Phillipines- that have made significant headway in the struggle against capitalism and successfully established a democratic, socialist counter-power in their respective countries.

In Venezuela, the CRBZ is struggling autonomously, in a context made more favourable to anti-capitalist forces by former President Hugo Chávez. It has organized dozens of communes where the people are learning to govern themselves while being at the frontlines of the resistance against fascist paramilitary forces. Meanwhile, in India and the Philippines, revolutionary Maoist groups have been involved for decades in a protracted armed struggle against their respective states. In so doing, they have sown the seeds of people’s power among the most marginalized groups in their society and accumulated invaluable practical experience. All anti-capitalists are invited to come learn more from and discuss the experiences of these major revolutionary organizations and struggles.

Here is the link to the recording, from the Toronto presentation (note that depending on cities, the presentation could differ in some ways)