Class Struggle on Campus: Limits of the Current Student Movement

For many, politics are essentially grasped in terms of the following categories: “left” or “right,” “radical” or “moderate.” Certainly useful categories, but they paint too broad a portrait, and merely approximate reality. These categories are essentially relative, lacking both content and precise political orientations; they change according to the ebb and flow of the class struggle. Does being on the “left” in Canada in 2013 mean the same thing as being on the “left” in Russia in 1917? Or in Spain in 1936? Or in France in 1968? Moreover, to be on the “left” of what?

RSM-Niagara welcomes you to attend the first in a series of biweekly open forum meetings and discussions concerning such topics as anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, climate justice, Revolutionary Marxism(MLM), student unionism and international solidarity.

LOCATION: Skybar Lounge

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