Statement of Patriarchal Behaviour in Vancouver

In early May 2020, the RSM Vancouver Proletarian Feminist Committee became aware that a 24-year-old individual on the periphery of the chapter, Bella Aung, was in a relationship with an 18-year-old member (alias Isaac). RSM considers this relationship to be patriarchal abuse by Bella against Isaac, both due to the significant age gap and due to the fact that the two met while Isaac was a student in a class for which Bella was a TA. Additionally, Bella routinely engaged in a litany of manipulative and predatory behaviours over the course of the relationship, including giving Isaac higher grades because of their relationship. Since the Proletarian Feminist Committee has been made aware of the relationship, Isaac has cooperated fully with our investigation and has ended the relationship. 
Because Bella’s job as a TA means that she will be in a position to repeat this sort of abuse on another victim, RSM will be launching a campaign to expose and isolate Bella so that she will be unable to do so. This campaign will center around Vancouver, where Bella currently lives and works, but will also require efforts at Queens University, where Bella will be moving to work as a TA in the near future. Personal information on Bella is attached in order for it to be used in this campaign. 
It is worth noting that this is not the first case that RSM has encountered in the last year where an abuser was in a relationship with a significantly younger victim. It is the position of the Proletarian Feminist Committee that such relationships are inherently abusive due to the power imbalance created by the age gap, regardless of individualist notions about consent. These relationships cannot be transformed into something that is not abusive, as the material reality that makes them abusive cannot be changed. When these relationships come to light, the Proletarian Feminist Committee will treat the abusers as such by investigating them, by expelling them from RSM and related orgs, and, when necessary, by conducting exposure campaigns against them.
Information on Bella:
Name: Isabella Aung (prefers Bella)
Social media:(all deactivated)
Insta: mlmizzy 
Twitter: @burmesebell
Facebook: deleted
Quit admin job at a clinic due to covid 19
Was and possibly still is in an online temp pool for sfu 

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