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Facebook Header - Serve the PeopleRSM Peterborough is glad to say we are hosting a Serve the People event on Monday November 23rd at 6:30pm in Confederation Park next to the weekly Food Not Bombs Peterborough dinner. At this event we will be distributing winter clothes from the OPIRG Free Market.

In our actions we help to get those who need them warm clothes for this winter and build solidarity with them so we can together struggle against capitalism and the harm it does. We take inspiration for our Comrades in Montreal, Ottawa and Sudbury who have also taken on such initiatives in the past.

We serve the people to help win the struggles of today while building unity and strength so that we can fight the struggles of tomorrow!

To help with both of these necessary tasks and to learn more about RSM Peterborough come out to our Weekly Meetings at 6pm on Tuesdays in LEC 207, Trent University, reach out to us on Facebook: Revolutionary Student Movement Peterborough or email us at


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