Movie and Discussion – ‘Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance’

Movie and Discussion – ‘Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance’

The Indigenous Students Circle and the Revolutionary Student Movement – Sudbury invite you to a free screening of Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance, an award-winning documentary about the Mohawk resistance to theft of their land by the Canadian state in the summer of 1990. The event will be held on Thursday, December 3, 6-9pm at the Lower Fraser Auditorium (FA-054), Fraser Building, Laurentian University.

One of the finest works by Indigenous filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin, this is the definitive on-the-ground record of the just rebellion of the Mohawk Nation against the forces of settler-colonialism. The armed stand-off between the Mohawk Warriors vs the Canadian army and Québécois police was sparked when the latter laid siege to a pine forest near Kanehsatake, home to a traditional Mohawk cemetery, which had been occupied by the Warriors in protest against the planned expansion of a golf course onto the territory. The government’s aim was to secure the land in the interests of the Canadian bourgeoisie, which has lived and grown off the oppression and exploitation of Indigenous peoples for centuries.

The stand-off lasted for over two months, with the colonial Canadian state showing to all the world its ugly face by unleashing its full arsenal of repression against the Warriors: thousands of soldiers deployed, arrests made, trumped up charges pressed, fascist settler groups given room to terrorize the Mohawk community. This powerful documentary takes you right into the thick of an important episode in the long history of Indigenous struggle against dispossession and genocide. The result is a portrait of the people behind the barricades, giving insight into the Mohawks’ unyielding determination to protect their lands.

The screening will be followed by a discussion of the film’s events, connecting them to the present plight of Indigenous people, and drawing out the important lessons that cannot fail to inform ongoing struggles for national liberation and social revolution in this country today.

Snacks will be served. Venue is accessible. Support available on site. Donations are welcome and will go toward supporting future events organized by the RSM and the ISC.

See this event on Facebook and share it with your friends and comrades.

No Revolution without Trans Liberation: Statement of RSM-Sudbury on the Transgender Day of Remembrance

No Revolution without Trans Liberation: Statement of RSM-Sudbury on the Transgender Day of Remembrance

Below is a statement of solidarity with trans people and the trans liberation struggle, distributed by RSM-Sudbury on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, Nov 20, at a vigil held at Tom Davies Square. The Transgender Day of Remembrance was started by transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith to honor the memory of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998. The vigil commemorated all the transgender people lost to violence that year and has become an annual event marked around the world.

On the Transgender Day of Remembrance, the Revolutionary Student Movement – Sudbury joins with trans people and allies in remembering the countless trans lives lost to the vicious system of patriarchal imperialist capitalism. Whether it is hateful violence, social neglect or suicide, the oppression that trans people face daily is as undeniable as it is outrageous. As an organization based on revolutionary anti-capitalist and proletarian feminist principles, the RSM strives to combat all forms of individual and institutionalized oppression, including transphobia, in order to build a genuinely liberatory unity among all working and oppressed peoples in their common struggle for emancipation.

In today’s society – an imperialist, capitalist society based on exploitation of the working class for private profit – the patriarchal oppression of queer people ultimately serves the interests of the dominant class: the minority of bourgeois profiteers. A basic function of systemic barriers, for example, is to bar trans people from sections of the capitalist job market, as reflected in the high rates of underemployment, poverty and precarity they face. They are thus pushed into the ‘reserve army of labour’, a necessary part of the capitalist system that drives down wages to ensure a favourable market for the capitalists. Trans people are therefore overwhelmingly part of the proletariat, which is borne out by the fact that in 2012 the median reported income for trans people in this province was only $15,000 per year, with a sizable proportion relying on social assistance.

Historically capitalism has found many uses for patriarchal ideology and practices. On this continent, the foundations of the present-day capitalist ‘prison-house of nations’ were laid on top of the ruins of Indigenous societies which were in contradiction to the new order envisioned by the white European settlers. The imposition of the patriarchal gender-binary through direct and indirect violence played a key role in this project of colonial domination. And despite some liberal reforms, it remains a painful reality for most gender-nonconforming people, especially those who are proletarian, racialized or nationally oppressed. Recall the murder in 2012 of Filipina trans woman Jennifer Laude by a United States Marine, one of countless soldiers sent by various colonial and imperialist powers to oppress the Filipino people over the centuries. And in so-called ‘Canada’, too, the gender-fluid traditions of two-spirit Indigenous people put them especially at odds with the gender-disciplined labour force demanded by capitalism today.

That is why a consciousness of class and class struggle in all their various guises is fundamental to building a movement that can really stamp out transphobia, as well as all other oppressions that result from and sustain the imperialist, capitalist, settler-colonial organization of society. Doubly so, because the capitalists and their political lackeys have to some extent managed to co-opt some demands of the LGBTQ2S movement that they find less threatening, in an attempt to present bourgeois democracy as the best possible framework for resolving the contradictions of the sexed and gendered division of labour. They have even tried to mobilize LGBTQ2S supporters for imperialist interests under cover of ‘promoting liberal queer rights abroad’! All this must be vigorously opposed. We must remember that although capitalism may allow for the assimilation of sections of the trans community into the bourgeois order, it can never ensure the full liberation of all trans people. Anti-capitalism and proletarian internationalism thus remain indispensable components of trans liberation.

The radical problems that most transgender people face demand a radical solution: a revolutionary mass movement lead by the proletariat and aimed at destroying the roots of all oppression – a movement that dares to struggle for socialism. Yet not only do trans people need socialism; socialism also needs trans people and their full participation in the struggle to build it! To ensure this, we revolutionaries must take a critical look at our own spotty record on the question of queer liberation. Past ‘communists’ have often adopted a tragically incorrect theory and practice on this front. Their male-chauvinist and cis-sexist deviations drove away the rebellious energy of gender-oppressed people, doing great harm to the movement. The RSM is completely opposed to that phony brand of radicalism! We acknowledge that we have much to learn from the long struggles and rich perspectives of trans people. That is why we are here today, to show our solidarity, and to learn how we can struggle alongside trans people for a completely new world.

Down with transphobia and patriarchy!

Fight against chauvinism in the revolutionary movement!

Unite our common struggles against imperialism and capitalism!

RSM-Sudbury Meets Every Weds, 6-8pm at Laurentian University: All Students and Youth Are Invited!

RSM-Sudbury Meets Every Weds, 6-8pm at Laurentian University: All Students and Youth Are Invited!

The Sudbury chapter of the Revolutionary Student Movement now meets every Wednesday, 6-8pm in the Clubs Room (SCE-210) at the R.D. Parker Building, Laurentian University.

Each meeting begins with reading aloud an important work of Marxist theory and discussing it in relation to today’s world, to arm ourselves with a revolutionary understanding of Canadian society as an imperialist, colonial and capitalist system based on exploitation and oppression of the majority – and how to fight to transform it as part of the broader revolutionary working class movement.

The second half of meetings is dedicated to planning actions (tabling, presentations, campaigns, etc.) to push the class struggle forward at our schools and neighborhoods. By investigating the concrete conditions of oppression faced by the working class around us, linking (in action) the people’s daily struggles against these conditions with a long-term strategy for abolishing their root cause, and winning small victories along the way, we can prove the relevance of radical politics and start to organize a new people’s power against the old order.

All students and youth are welcome. Bring your radical ideas, rebellious energy, and frustrations with education, work and life under capitalism.

If you don’t go to L.U. but want to organize with us at your college or high school, contact us at or via Facebook! Likewise if you are interested in the RSM but cannot make it to meetings.

Location is wheelchair-accessible. Child-care available upon request.

Down with Racism! Saturday 1PM in Confederation Park! All out Against Racism, Fascism, and Islamophobia!

Down with Racism! Saturday 1PM in Confederation Park! All out Against Racism, Fascism, and Islamophobia!


Down with Racism: Saturday November 21st 1pm

This past Saturday night Masjid Al-Salaam (the sole Mosque in Peterborough and religious and cultural home to the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association) was the location of an arson attack. The community reached out in efforts to raise funds to fix the Mosque. However recent actions have shown that Racists, Fascists and Islamophobes are undeterred. In light of the continued reactionary behavior on the part of white supremacist scum, the Revolutionary Student Movement-Peterborough and the Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committee)-Peterborough call on all anti-racists and anti-fascists to join us on the streets and show a united front in solidarity with all People of Colour in Peterborough and the Kawarthas!

The RSM and RCP-OC call for a Rally Against Racism this coming Saturday at 1pm starting and ending at Confederation Park across from City Hall!

Take to the Streets! All out against the Racists and Fascists! Stamp out Reactionary Thought!

The RSM and PCR-RCP are committed to stopping racism, we have done it before in Montreal and Toronto and as Peterborough anti-racists united we will do it again!

RSM Peterborough is in Solidarity with Victims of Racist Attacks

RSM Peterborough is in Solidarity with Victims of Racist Attacks

RSM Peterborough stands in solidarity with the members of Masjid Al-Salaam, Muslims and people of colour throughout Peterborough and the Kawarthas in the face of an attack on the community’s Mosque this past Saturday Night. An arson attack just hours after the community was celebrating in the space is a clear message of racism and islamophobia. Such attacks by reactionary elements in our community cannot be tolerated. Just as RSM and PRAC Comrades and  have taken an active role in confronting the PEGIDA fascists in Montreal and Toronto, the RSM calls on all revolutionary and progressive forces in Peterborough to condemn and confront racist ideas and actions wherever they arise. There has been a group formed to support the Community!

The international context of western imperialism and reactionary ISIS forces confronting each other cannot be ignored, but it must be remembered that both these groups seek to dominate and oppress the revolutionary classes of the world. Reactionaries and white supremacists will always use conflict to justify their oppression of and violence toward People of Colour and others. Lal Salaam/ Red Salute to the revolutionary forces that are globally confronting reactionary Western Imperialism and Supremacy and Fundamentalist Islam. We cannot forget that no matter which of these forces win it will be the proletarians and refugees who suffer.


Solidarity with the Muslims of Peterborough!

Solidarity with the victims of racist and fascist attacks!

Down with Fascism!

Down with Racism!

Down with Islamophobia!

Solidarity Peterborough Mosque


RSM Peterborough Serves the People

RSM Peterborough Serves the People

Facebook Header - Serve the PeopleRSM Peterborough is glad to say we are hosting a Serve the People event on Monday November 23rd at 6:30pm in Confederation Park next to the weekly Food Not Bombs Peterborough dinner. At this event we will be distributing winter clothes from the OPIRG Free Market.

In our actions we help to get those who need them warm clothes for this winter and build solidarity with them so we can together struggle against capitalism and the harm it does. We take inspiration for our Comrades in Montreal, Ottawa and Sudbury who have also taken on such initiatives in the past.

We serve the people to help win the struggles of today while building unity and strength so that we can fight the struggles of tomorrow!

To help with both of these necessary tasks and to learn more about RSM Peterborough come out to our Weekly Meetings at 6pm on Tuesdays in LEC 207, Trent University, reach out to us on Facebook: Revolutionary Student Movement Peterborough or email us at


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