Oppose the Laurentian Board of Governors’ Attacks on Students! Expand the Fight to Defend the Barrie Campus! – RSM in Solidarity with Laurentian Barrie Students

Oppose the Laurentian Board of Governors’ Attacks on Students! Expand the Fight to Defend the Barrie Campus! – RSM in Solidarity with Laurentian Barrie Students

Greetings from the Sudbury chapter of the Revolutionary Student Movement (MER-RSM) to the students of Laurentian Barrie!

We stand in solidarity with you in the struggle against the University Board of Governors’ plans to shut down many of your programs in Barrie by April 2017, denying hundreds the chance to finish their education there. We are an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist student group with a presence at LU’s Sudbury campus and a high school in town, where our work includes organizing students to fight for free, accessible and democratic education, as part of building a broader revolutionary working-class movement. We were dismayed to hear last week about the Board of Governors’ unilateral and profit-driven decision, but our hopes have been high as we followed the actions you have organized so far to reclaim your education.

Students occupied the LU administrative offices in Barrie last week

We commend the initiative and militancy you have shown in pressing your demand that all Barrie students be allowed to finish the degrees they started, where they started them, until all graduate. Your recent occupation of administrative offices, your protest actions on the streets, and the action planned for April 15 in Sudbury have surely given pause to the Board of Governors that dared throw your lives in jeopardy without a second thought! Your defiant stance has even made two-faced bourgeois politicians take notice and suddenly turn warm and obliging, whereas before they never seemed to care about our daily troubles. But the fight has only begun, and we urge you to keep organizing, making links in action with faculty and other workers also affected, and upset the administration’s attempts to divide and conquer.

Many of you study at the ‘satellite’ campus in Barrie because the socio-economic constraints of life in this society have denied you access to what the Board of Governors glibly call a ‘vibrant university experience’, like what is supposedly on offer at the campus in Sudbury. But the reality for many of us here is not so different. Here too, entire departments are being eroded if not demolished to shape a more efficient factory for producing new research, skilled labour, and managers for the resource extraction industry, one of the most predatory sectors of Canadian capital. And here too many find ourselves with heavy debt, uncertain futures and no real power over fundamental decisions that affect us – and further disoriented by the liberal ideology doled out by the curriculum.

That is why your organized resistance over the past week has been a powerful rallying call for us and surely for all militant students in Ontario and beyond. But although the outpour of support so far has been very encouraging, we should consider why this solidarity has yet to really materialize in terms of larger mobilizations and actions on the ground, particularly from the official student associations that command huge resources. This absence is strongly felt at LU’s Sudbury campus, where student unions like the undergraduate Students’ General Association (SGA) have been mostly silent, compromised by their close ties to the administration and thus unable to take real measures to mobilize their members in your support.

The Laurentian Students’ Union (LSU) at Barrie is in a unique spot where their membership is up in arms and its immediate existence is threatened by the BoG’s decision anyway. Uncharacteristic of a typical students’ union, the LSU has given valuable support to the demands of the LU students at Barrie and for this they must be commended. But the SGA is under no such pressure, so while the struggle is quickly unfolding in Barrie, it has been business as usual just few hours away at the Sudbury campus.

For the RSM, this highlights the importance of maintaining political and organizational independence from the typically passive and apolitical official student associations, which in their current bureaucratic and undemocratic form tend to be obstacles to waging real struggles for our needs. That is the only way to build the kind of class-conscious student movement we need in the long run: one that isn’t afraid to fight and to win small and large victories, and at the same time is oriented toward the revolutionary transformation of existing society. Organizing in your support is an important step along that path, so that higher education can one day be free and accessible to all, a fundamentally liberating tool in the struggle against our oppressors, under democratic control in service to the oppressed and exploited in this society who need it most – and impossible to be snatched away at the whim of thieves in a boardroom.

We propose to build the #LUBarrie2019 Sudbury Mobilization Committee!

The student associations here are effectively siding with the university administration by their inaction. It is up to the students, especially those among us with the biggest stakes in resisting the Board of Governors’ continued attacks on all of us in Barrie and Sudbury, to seize the initiative and push the struggle forward. So what are we waiting for?

RSM-Sudbury calls for the formation of the #LUBarrie2019 Sudbury Mobilization Committee to open up a new front in the fight, right here on LU’s home turf. The Mobcom will be a democratic vehicle for collective struggle, not lobbyism and capitulation. It will not shy away from combativeness and political demands. It will mobilize broad sections of students and workers at the Sudbury campus for powerful actions that will help smash the administration’s anti-student agenda. And to ensure it can achieve all this, the Mobcom will maintain independence from the officially sanctioned student associations.

10362541_696533583764489_2396405001352725054_nLaunch Meeting & Action Planning
This Monday, February 29, 4-6pm
Instruction Room (30-230), J.N. Desmarais Library
Laurentian University, 935 Ramsey Lake Rd

We invite all students, faculty and service staff of LU in Sudbury who want to organize in support of the students and workers of LU in Barrie to attend the launch meeting and help shape the direction of the coming actions. Allies from the broader community are also welcome. If you want to join us but cannot attend the first meeting, or if you’re with a group that wants to endorse the Mobcom and/or send delegates, please email LU.Mobcom@gmail.com or message the Facebook page.

We also invite all Laurentian Barrie students and groups who are interested in coordinating their actions with the Mobcom to contact us without delay. We look forward to seeing many of you at the planned action on April 15 in Sudbury, for which we hope students in Sudbury can mobilize alongside yourselves.

Solidarity with Laurentian students in Barrie!

Oppose on all fronts the Board of Governors’ attacks on students!

Expand to Sudbury the struggle to defend the Barrie campus!

Join the #LUBarrie2019 Sudbury Mobilization Committee!




When: This Friday, February 26, 5-8pm
Where: Movie Room @ Single Students Residence, Laurentian University

In the near future, a failed experiment to avert global warming kills all life on the planet, except for a lucky few who take refuge on a train that travels endlessly around the globe with a special engine at its head. Soon a class society with two main poles emerges on the train. On the one hand, a powerful minority who control the engine and live lavishly with their allies and protectors at the front of the train; on the other, a huge dominated underclass confined to the darkness and squalor of the back.

As contradictions sharpen aboard the train, the tail sections launch a revolutionary charge aimed at taking power from their oppressors at the front. But to finally control the engine, they must overcome great material and ideological obstacles, distinguish friends from enemies, unite all who can be united under their revolutionary leadership, build real solidarity by fighting oppressive divides within their own ranks, and resist the temptations of reformism and retreat.

Snowpiercer gives an unflinching, ultimately optimistic view of what it will take to win. Entry is free but donations are welcome. Popcorn will be served and there will be an open discussion after the movie. Venue is accessible. Free parking available at Lot 7 across from West Residence.

See this event on Facebook and share it with your friends and comrades.

Police Rush to Defend MRAs! Statement on RSM-uO’s Protest of CAFE

Police Rush to Defend MRAs! Statement on RSM-uO’s Protest of CAFE

Ca5HgiYUAAAqxp3Last night, February 10th, the RSM participated in protesting a meeting of misogynists under the guise of “men’s rights activism” on uOttawa campus. As a result, this event, which was organized, led and attended almost entirely by retired and tenured professors and other non-students, turned into a totally inappropriate, disgusting, and illegitimate show of repressive force against students.

First, campus security threatened student protesters with expulsion, a criminal record, unhireability, and homelessness. When these transparent attempts at intimidation were rightly ignored, they called the police, who had planned and prepared to make arrests in collaboration with event organizers ahead of time. No fewer than seven police officers immediately brought a cruiser and a police van to campus and swarmed the Arts (Hamelin) building, forcing the protesters to scatter. These police forces continued to patrol and sweep campus until the event was over.

Why is our campus playing host to events like this, whose organizers are explicitly conspiring beforehand with cops to use repressive force against nonviolent student protesters?? How is it that, only days after Ottawa’s mayor and police force were basking in praise for their condemnation of the violent and reactionary misogyny and hate speech of Roosh V and the Return of Kings meetup planned in Ottawa, the same police force is aggressively defending CAFE’s “freedom” to misogyny and hate speech?

CAFE, the so-called Canadian Association for Equality, is a men’s rights activist (MRA) organization which preaches misogyny, antifeminism, and rape culture. Although it is registered as a charity under the Canadian government and presents itself as concerned about men, this is only a cover. CAFE is explicitly not interested in providing social services to men, or with equipping them with tools to deal with the real issues that they face in our capitalist, patriarchal, white-supremacist and colonial society. Instead, CAFE’s “charitable work” consists entirely in “public education” and “raising awareness.” This means, in practice, that they work to spread a misogynist, antifeminist ideology that despises the gains feminism has achieved through long and hard struggle for women and gender-oppressed people’s equal right to bodily autonomy and self-determination. CAFE is on record as denying the existence of rape culture, the importance of consent, and the ongoing oppression and exploitation of women, especially women of colour, Indigenous women, women with disabilities, trans women and transfeminine people, queer women, women involved in sex work, and all intersections thereof. It is a hate group that builds its base of support upon the bodies of these women, denying that they face oppression and in fact maintaining that they are the oppressors – of privileged white men. CAFE tries to convince men that feminism has brought about their oppression in modern society, and that men need “to take back their power and their pride,” to quote directly from a recent Youtube video by Janice Fiamengo, CAFE’s primary organizer on campus. Fiamengo, who is a tenured University of Ottawa professor, is also known for her viciously racist and Islamophobic co-publications with her partner David Solway. It is clear that although CAFE tries to distance itself from less “respectable” groups like Roosh V and Return of Kings, it represents the same thing – a toxic, hateful, violent, and reactionary force that has no place on any university campus.

The RSM-uOttawa stands with students in universities across Canada in opposing CAFE’s incitement of hate, ignorance, and misogyny. CAFE’s lectures have been protested across the country. At Ryerson, CAFE has been decertified as a group and banned from campus. This is an important precedent, as an expression of the collective will and political power of students. We understand that this same will and potential for political expression exists at our university. For hours prior to the event, we participated in leafletting around campus, engaging students about the issue. Many knew about the hate and violence of MRAs already, but were not aware that an organization like CAFE was hosting events on our campus with the apparent blessing of university administration and security and police forces. Some of the students we engaged wanted to take multiple leaflets with them, so that they could deal them out to even more students in their classes. It is clear that CAFE’s message and agenda are opposed to the values and interests of students at this university.

The RSM invites University of Ottawa students to organize with us in opposition to MRA misogyny and hatred on and off campus! In weeks to come, we will have an opportunity to clearly express our opposition by attending the upcoming General Assembly, the highest decision-making body of the students of uOttawa, to vote for a motion to decertify CAFE. We will demand that the SFUO push to have CAFE banned from campus, and challenge the unacceptable anti-student police presence in our halls that comes with hateful and reactionary events like MRA meetings. Together, we can make our voices heard in a clear and unified call:

Down with rape culture!! Down with the police presence that defends misogynists and reactionaries instead of students! NO COPS ON CAMPUS!! NO MRAs ON CAMPUS!!

Police Repression, Popular Solidarity!

The RSM Montreal was present at the ‘’Fucking Big Night Demo’’ on December 18th. This anticapitalist demonstration was called by the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal Student Association for Free Tuition, a student group at Old Montreal Cégep, in a context of ruthless cuts to public services by our parliamentary bourgeoisie. The dogs of capital had also severly repressed two night demonstrations in the preceding weeks, sending one comrade demonstrator to the hospital by hitting her with their batons.

Pumped up, Montreal’s police was determined to brutally suppress this third demonstration. Their tactics: undercovers and agents provocateurs, who wholeheartedly attacked demonstrators and bystanders. Examples of police brutality include the case of a comrade who suffered a concussion and several other injuries at the hands of undercover cops she had recognized. Another demonstrator suffered a similar fate, beaten up and robbed by the police after the demo. His crime? Taking pictures of police infiltrators. Somebody else, a passerby, was threatened and assaulted by undercovers. An underage comrade was shot at point-blank with a rubber bullet, breaking his hand. The infiltrators also had weapons, one of them pointing his firearm toward a group of protestors while threatening to shoot.

Despite all this, the protest was able to make its way for a remarkably long time considering the circumstances, under tear gases and a helicopter’s watchful eye. However, a combination of the riot squad attacks, undercovers’ perturbations and the absence of a banner at the head of the demo ended up undermining the cohesion of the protest, allowing the cops to make targeted arrest of those deemed ‘’dangerous’’, meaning the more politically organised or clearly anticapitalist. The violent arrests were made during a long period in isolated contexts. The police followed demonstrators out of the demo and on the sidewalks.

The RSM contingent, after having been separated from the crowd, was pursued by bike police, eventually crossing the path of several ‘’comrades’’ with suspicious behaviors. At least two of them had earpieces and we have strong reasons to believe that they were all agents provocateurs. The arrest of our group was made on the sidewalk of a secondary street, and came with violent blows with batons and bikes (strangely, our new ‘’comrades’’ had mysteriously disappeared by that time…). It was brutal: verbal abuse, racist, sexist and homophobic slurs, comrades injured at varying degrees of severity. Some of our arrested are part of the 11 that suffered criminal accusations during this demo and had to spend the night in dirty, full of piss cells, getting interrogated by pigs. These 11 are now having to cope with the stress of court dates, release conditions, lawyer fees and a possible incarceration

The MER-RSM declares its solidarity with all the arrested and injured of December 18th and all victims of bourgeois political repression. The police seems to have changed tactics: unhappy with the results of 2012 style mass arrests, it now infiltrates itself in demonstrations to destroy them from the inside. But despite police numbers and their dishonest tactics, the masses inventivity will always be able to rout them. All that is left is to want to win. Even if we suffer repression, we must not fear the police: if it always tries to divide us, it is because it knows that it can do nothing against a numerous, united and combative mass. We must not forget that masked riot squads are nothing but the weapons of a bourgeoisie nervous of the anger of the masses. The escalating repression is the proof that we are scaring them. Their nightmares are our dreams and it is up to us to organise so they can become reality.

Dare to struggle, dare to win!
Drop the political accusations!
United and armed, we shall overcome!

RSM-York’s new radical, lefty newspaper called Outcry!

RSM-York’s new radical, lefty newspaper called Outcry!


RSM-York is pleased to announce our new campus newspaper, The Outcry!
You can read our first issue by clicking the link above. We’ll have a new one for you every month!

Why a left wing paper?
At York University, there is no paper that truly represents and expresses the interests of working class, marginalized, and oppressed students. There is no paper committed to speaking about anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, anti-racism, anti-misogyny, anti-transphobia, anti-homophobia, and anti-ableism. Some of these topics may be mentioned sometimes in Excalibur, but they are often presented with a “both-sides” slant in an attempt to be “unbiased”. Outcry will be unapologetically left-wing, providing a platform for left-wing groups and students on campus. It will allow students who are active or inactive with politics on campus to understand and get involved with what’s happening politically on campus. Outcry will provide left-wing commentary and critiques of events and groups on campus, and groups can broadcast meetings and events if they choose to. As the paper develops, it can become a medium between people and groups, in ways such as questions and responses between students and groups.

Are you a York student or resident in the nearby area, and interested in writing for the Outcry?
Send us an email @ OutcryYorkU@gmail.com
Message and Like us on: facebook.com/rsmyork