From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free, to hell with the Zionist Entity

No Peace with Israel.

No Recognition of Israel.

No Negotiation with Israel.” – the Three Nos of the Khartoum Conference


The Third Intifada has been called.

In the wake of the ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ resistance operation and the recent general strike throughout Palestine a ceasefire has been issued but the struggle is far, far from over. The arrests, colonial murders and settler-thievery continues. So does the resistance.

The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) declares it’s solidarity with the Palestinian national liberation struggle in its fight against the Zionist Entity. The RSM fully recognize the right of the Palestinians to resist against their ongoing displacement, subjugation and genocide at the hands of Zionist fascism. The RSM wholeheartedly condemns the actions of Zionist forces not just in the Holocaust they are orchestrating in Gaza and the ethnic cleansings they are committing in Jerusalem but in their entire occupation of Palestinian territory.

The renewed call to struggle in the form of the Third Intifada was called in response – in the short term – to the evictions being carried out in Sheikh Jarrah, the Zionist assaults upon the sacred al-Asqa Mosque, the relentless assaults against the people of Gaza, the barbarity of Zionist settler lynch mobs and the other recent assorted crimes of the settler-regime, all on the holy month of Ramadan. The Zionist Entity has overplayed their hand and underestimated the willingness and capacity of the Palestinian people to hold their ground and strike back.

This recent call to resistance must be understood in context of the century-old struggle for independence of the Palestinian people, first against European, now against Zionist colonization. In 1917 the Balfour declaration signaled the beginning of British imperialism’s support for establishing an ethno-state for European Jews in what was then Ottoman-ruled Palestine as a means of ridding Europe of the persecuted Jewish population. Rather than fighting anti-Semitism the British imperialists – many of whom were virulent anti-Semites themselves – hoped to rid Europe of Jewish people entirely while diverting working class Jewish energy towards a colonial and imperialist project: Zionism.

What was originally a fringe movement that was denounced by most segments of European Jews developed into a powerful force with the help of British and American imperialism in the wake of the Nazi Holocaust. In May 1948, the British colonialists ceded all authority over Palestine to a provisional Zionist government.

The Zionists immediately unleashed a campaign of genocidal settler colonialism. So began the Nakba, or great catastrophe, where over 400 Arab Palestinian villages were ethnically cleansed in a spree of murder, rape, and pillage by Zionist militias. These atrocities were directly compared, even by Zionist settlers on the ground, to those of the Nazis. The Zionist Entity has conducted its activities in a similar fashion ever since, as seen in its historical and present economic exploitation of the labour of Palestinians made to build up the Zionist infrastructure as their own homes have been demolished; it’s premeditative seizure of the West Bank and the Golan Heights in 1967, it’s mass murder of Arab civilians during the 1973 War; it’s brutal repression of the first two intifadas; its attacks on Lebanon in 1982 and 2006; and its non-stop campaign of genocide against the people of the Gaza Strip. The Zionist expansionists seem to be determined to eventually carve out a ‘greater Israel’ – one that would involve the further theft of vast swathes of territory from all neighbouring states and even those beyond that – even before they have finished seizing all of Palestine from the Palestinian people. This tiny, illegitimate, nuclear-armed settler-colony is the most powerful state in West Asia, a more militarized society than Germany from 1871-1945 and a blatant obstacle to not just regional peace but world peace. Opposing its existence isn’t merely a good principle, it’s just good sense generally.

‘Israel’ is thus quite plainly a thoroughly illegitimate settler-colonial state whose evolution from Ben Gurion’s farcical brand of ‘labor/socialist’ Zionism towards the almost completely explicit and outright fascism of Netanyahu’s Likud Party has been an entirely logical and authentic process born of the internal dialectics of settler-colonialism itself. Many poor Zionist liberals have strained and exerted themselves much to paint the growth of the Kahanist movement (in both the Knesset and the ‘Israeli’ public), the unceasing brutality of the IDF and the political dominance of Bibi’s merry gang of lunatics as an aberration from the normal character and conduct of the Zionist Entity. Any halfwit can see that these merely represent the naked form of what Zionism truly is, what the pig looks like without any poorly-applied lipstick.

We also note that two of the most major claims that the Zionist Entity has made to defend its own hollow legitimacy – that it is the only democracy in the WANA region and that it is the representative and haven for the entire Jewish people – are patently absurd.

For starters, in the past, one could perhaps have upheld the former notion with a variety of qualifiers attached – that it is a Herrenvolk regime that enforces a brutal system of apartheid, that it is a state built on stolen land and the dispossession of its indigenous people, that until 1967 a fifth of its population were held under outright military rule, that the ‘democracy’ of capitalist society “is curtailed, wretched, false, a democracy only for the rich, for the minority”. Perhaps. But now? The seemingly eternal and unaccountable rule of the comically corrupt and criminal figure of Netanyahu, who has actively stoked the tensions that led to the call to Intifada as a means of avoiding serious legal charges via a state of emergency, should destroy this pathetic illusion entirely.

And the attempts of Zionists and open anti-Semites (and openly anti-Semitic Zionists, often of an openly reactionary Christian evangelical bent) to equate the Zionist Entity with the Jewish community should be rejected entirely, and already have been by the RSM. Further, not only do we oppose this slander against those who oppose settler-colonial barbarism, not only do we acknowledge the principled and correct opposition of many members of the Jewish community to Zionism (from Norman Finkelstein to Ronnie Barkan to Ilan Pappe to Noam Chomsky and so on and so on) but we condemn the role that the Zionist occupiers have played throughout the world in enabling and even promoting anti-Semitism.

Examples galore can be found of this in the Zionist leadership’s key role in supporting rabid anti-Semites like Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Viktor Orbán (support that has only strengthened as their anti-Semitism has become more open); in Netanyahu’s public defence of Adolf Hitler (saying that in 1941 “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews, he wanted to expel the Jew” and was only convinced to go about exterminating Jews due to Palestinian manipulation – though to be fair, at a very early point in the 1930s Hitler did support the German Zionists in their campaign to move Jews out of the country and into Palestine, the truly loathsome element of Netanyahu’s statement was his attempt to shift much of the blame for the Holocaust away from Germans and onto Arabs); in the crucial military aid and training to Jew-murdering neo-Nazi militias like the Ukrainian Azov Battalion; in the major role Likud leaders, Netanyahu advisers and even Netanyahu’s own son (a fellow who is admired by a great many Western neo-Nazis) have played in spreading far-right conspiracy theories about George Soros; in the discrimination that exists in ‘Israel’ against Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews; and in Hasbarist attacks on the anti-Zionist Jewish diaspora as ‘traitors’ and ‘self-hating Jews’. These are not merely expressions of the current state of affairs in ‘Israel’ but an expression of the fact that the existence of the Zionist Entity is built on the ethnic separation of Jews from all other societies, the fact that the structure of ‘Israeli’ capitalism encourages Zionists to ally themselves with imperialist states that themselves have a long history of anti-Semitism and its claim to be a unifying force for all Jews inherently creates an antagonistic contradiction between itself and diaspora Jews unwilling or unable to participate in or defend its colonial project.

We of the RSM declare that the Zionist Entity of ‘Israel’ is an anti-Semitic formation even if it promotes white Jewish supremacy in occupied Palestine, it is a formation built on the idea that Jews are a foreign entity that should be expelled from Euro-America and we stand by the idea that the defence of Zionism is inherently anti-Semitic.

Never have the Palestinian people been willing to accept their own genocide at the hands of the settler-fascists. The most heroic moments of struggle undertaken by the forces of the PLO and Hamas; the righteous fury of the first two Intifadas; the images of young Palestinian Davids throwing stones against the forces of the Zionist Goliath; the protests big and small in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem; these are all testament to the fact that they have not and will not ever lay down and accept their demise. The absurdity of Zionist talking points regarding their murder of Palestinians – claims that every civilian killed in Gaza was a suspected Hamas ‘terrorist’, claims that Palestinian protesters cut down by the IDF have been driven to “self-genocide” on Hamas’s orders and so on – themselves hint at this, that their sick race war will be met with constant resistance from near-all sections of the Palestinian people. And indeed, now Palestinians stand more united than ever, with the gaps in the factions of the resistance dissolving now in a truly historic way and the Palestinian masses celebrating the blows struck against their oppressors through strike action – something that in and of itself reveals just how dependent the Zionist ethnostate is upon the labour of Palestinians.

Palestinian history is a history of extraordinary revolutionary struggle. This struggle, contrary to Hasbarist nonsense, has historically been a secular and perfectly legitimate struggle for the national liberation of the Palestinian people, and not some a reactionary Al-Qaeda-style vendetta against Jewish people for simply being Jewish. The rise of more theocratic elements in the movement (even if they do not have a degree of control over the movement that is monolithic or complete) is something that the Zionist intelligence agencies are themselves in large part responsible for, helping Islamists take over leadership of the movement, pushing aside the PLO as a means of – among other things – making the Palestinian resistance easier to demonize. Whilst this does not fully account for the rise of Hamas within the Palestinian resistance and its base of support within Palestine, this is something that should be taken into account by even those of us who critically all factions of said resistance, especially when looking at the actual role of political Islam in WANA region politics and the role of the ‘specter of Hamas’ in Zionist narratives about Gaza. It should also be noted that – given the position of Hamas in the current resistance movement and the recent unification of all factions of said resistance movement, these are not grounds to dismiss the important work that Hamas has recently done in striking back against the Zionists, nor are they grounds to deny Hamas our aforementioned critical support – if the dedicated Marxist revolutionaries of the PFLP and DFLP inside Palestine itself can stand arms-locked in solidarity with Hamas, then we on Turtle Island can at the very bloody least put in a kind word for them right now.

The continued defiance and resistance of the Palestinian masses can in fact be seen as a key factor in why exactly the absurd barbarism of the Zionist Entity is currently reaching its zenith – no lesser measures could possibly work to properly protect settler-colonialism in Palestine from the resistance of its indigenous masses.

It comes to no surprise that the Western imperialist camp, and most virulently the Anglo-settler colonial nations such as Canada and America, stand in full support of Zionism whilst pretending to give a rat’s ass about butchered Palestinians. The US gave $3.8 billion in military aid and $8 billion in loan guarantees to the Zionist Entity in 2019. This is on top of joint intelligence operations, military training, exercise, and arms sales. Canada also partakes in all these activities. Both countries have been involved in pressuring the states of the Muslim-majority world to normalize relations to and cooperate with the Zionists, sabotaging, sanctioning and even overthrowing governments that take a stand against Tel Aviv’s barbarism. Both countries further refuse to recognize the Palestinian state. The leaders of the Trudeau government have condemned the actions of Hamas but refuse to call out the Zionist aggressor, hiding behind tepid complaints and moral sophistry. For the Zionists they have arms and finance, for the Palestinians, thoughts, and prayers (subject to recall).

There are many reasons why imperialists and settler-colonial imperialists specifically would back Tel Aviv – primary among them being the material benefits that these powers receive from the existence of the Zionist Entity. For one, it represents a white imperialist beachhead in the heart of the West Asia. The WANA region holds around 70% of the world’s known oil reserves. What is more, it is centrally located between Russia, China and the waking giant of Africa, where more and more imperialist attention is being focused. Controlling West Asia is thus central to maintaining western imperialist hegemony.

We can also note how similar ‘Israel’s’ conduct is to that of the US and Canada even when it bears only a loose connection or even no connection to their own activities. The coups, election interference and sabotage operations throughout the world that the CIA is so infamous for carrying out have likewise been replicated by Mossad, bringing Idi Amin to power in Uganda, orchestrating the Lavon affair and the sinking of the USS Liberty, destroying Syria’s Al Kibar Nuclear Reactor in 2007, aiding the Nicaraguan Contras as far back as 1979 and ensuring the defeat of Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 and 2019 UK elections, just to name a few individual cases.

One cannot help but notice how many settlers in ‘Israel’ are equipped with Canadian, British, American, Australian and New Zealander passports, connections and accents – not only do the imperialist powers support the colonization with arms, money and good press, they have lubricated the process by which foreign settlers arrive to facilitate the invasion of Palestine. On top of the general imperialist interests in maintaining Israel, the countries of Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada have an additional incentive. These countries, all of which are settler-colonial countries built on the genocide and displacement of their rightful inhabitants, uphold Israel as legitimate, not just due to the politico-economic benefits they gain from doing so but because to do otherwise would call in to question their very right to existence. The recognition of the illegitimacy of Zionist settler colonialism would likewise be a recognition of the illegitimacy of the other settler countries. They uphold Israel to uphold themselves.

The sheer inhuman brutality of the Zionists may look unique in its wretchedness but in truth it represents merely a modern remaking of the exact sort of criminality that previous settler-colonialisms used. What is happening to Palestine is exactly what happened previously to the peoples of Turtle Island, and the difference between the colonial powers in question is simply the difference between how developed and firmly entrenched their settler-colonialisms are. We can add to the seemingly endless list of crimes that the Zionists have committed: plagiarism.

Ever since October 1917 it has become increasingly hard for a colonial power to bring a united Indigenous nation to its knees. The Nazis – whose conduct Zionist military commanders have at times explicitly drawn inspiration from (Amir Oren’s 2002 article At the Gates of Yassergrad openly admitted that Israeli soldiers were studying the tactics used to repress the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising) – attempted the Manifest-Destiny-inspired project of Lebensraum in Eastern Europe and it resulted in their complete annihilation. The American empire waged a campaign of genocidal warfare against the people of Vietnam and ended up humiliated. The British worked with the American imperialists in their colonial Reconquista of Iraq in 2003 and the resulting turmoil showed both the decrepit state of British imperialism and signaled the beginning of the real decline of the US Empire. And now, in Palestine this new Intifada is spreading into territory the Zionists have held since 1948 and has tied itself to the wave of organized resistance pouring through the Zionist’s borders from Iraq, Lebanon, Tehran, Damascus and so on. This is an Intifada of historic significance, whose power can be felt resonating across the world just days after the blessed call to intifada.

Just as the imperialists have good reason to support the Zionists, so too do the world’s masses of proletarians, peasants and other exploited peoples have reasons to support Palestinian resistance. The Palestinian struggle against the Zionist Entity represents a key struggle against imperialism, capitalism, and colonialism, one that has advanced to a stage where it in fact may constitute the most important national liberation struggle on the planet at the time of writing. It represents a path towards the environmental preservation of Palestine against the Zionist arsonists, capitalists and pillagers of nature; the destruction of one of the most supremely repulsive forms of colonialism in existence today; the destruction of imperialism and capitalism; and the liberation of the oppressed classes of Palestine. The Palestinian people are the vanguard of the world anti-colonial struggle. Their potential, looming victory would be a victory for all of us who wish to see a better, livable future. Any person who believes themselves to be a champion of the international proletariat must lend their full support to the Palestinian people in their struggle to topple Zionism as a political force. They share with us the common goal of defeating world imperialism, capitalism, and colonialism.

In the long term, the best thing we in Canada can do for the Palestinian cause is work towards the dismantling of the Canadian settler colonial state (and it’s larger, supremely imperialist neighbour) through the establishment of a socialist republic on Turtle Island, guided by the anti-colonial, scientific and correct application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. In the process of this, we can aim to force the Ottawa to cut all ties and all support for the Zionist Occupation. We must use every tool at our disposal to force the Canadian Entity into abandoning ‘Israel’, whether peacefully or militantly, whether through BDS or alternative strategies consistent with the preparation for a protracted people’s war. We must amplify the current movement as well as connect it to our own colonial question until the global anti-colonial struggle forms one deafening chorus. Every blow struck by the forces of progress against the Canadian Entity a victory for Palestine. Every blow the Palestinian people strike against the Zionist Entity is a victory for us.

We call on all students, workers, and advanced sections of every class to struggle on behalf of the Palestinian people, to openly support all forces of resistance in general and particular those such as the DFLP and the PFLP who are explicitly committed to the communist cause in Palestine. We call on all nations to renounce their recognition of the criminal settler states of Canada and the Zionist Enemy. We call on all nations, especially those Arab nations which have normalized and aided ‘Israel’ to repent and uphold the principles of the Three No’s of 1967 in the face of the Zionist Enemy and by materially supporting the Palestinian people in their struggle. May those new Anwar Sadats who remain on the path of compradorism, co-existence with settler-colonialism and treason to the Arab people meet the fates they deserve. We declare our support for the actions all of West Asian governments that have supported Palestinian national liberation, from Damascus to Tehran, insofar as their actions facilitate this. ‘Israel’ cannot be reasoned with; it cannot exist without expansionism, environmental destruction and outright genocide; and for the good of all humankind it cannot continue its illegitimate dominance over the region. It is a threat to all Palestinians, it is a threat to the entire region and it is a threat to the people of the entire planet – any blow struck against it is to be welcomed. This conflict must be resolved with a one-state solution built on foundations of human equality and anti-colonial solidarity, one state that is called Palestine.

The Revolutionary Student Movement declares its unyielding support for the Palestinian national liberation struggle, as well of that of the greater Arab masses, and defends their right to stand against the Netanyahu’s Fourth Reich and its allies, and to reclaim every inch of land that is theirs by whatever means necessary.

Every inch.



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