The Path to Women’s Emancipation Can Only Be Achieved by Abolishing Imperialism and Patriarchy Inseparably!

The Path to Women’s Emancipation Can Only Be Achieved by Abolishing Imperialism and Patriarchy Inseparably!

A graphic of a woman tying a red bandana across her lower face. There is a white hammer-sickle on the front of the bandana. The background is red. To the left of her head, it says: "IWWD 2021". To the right of her head, there is a small graphic of the side-profiles of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Gonzalo lined up. At the very bottom, it says: "THE PATH TO WOMEN'S EMNACIPATION CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED BY ABOLISHING IMPERIALISM & PATRIARCHY INSEPARABLY!"March 8 marks International Working Women’s Day.

The first ever Working Women’s Day March was held in New York City in 1908 at the initiation of the (then revolutionary) Socialist Party of America. This march was pushed for after women workers protested their conditions in garment factories across New York City. Its implementation would then be championed principally by German revolutionary Clara Zetkin who, through the Second International, made the mobilization of International Working Women’s Day a world-wide event in 1910. Demonstrations led by revolutionaries – from the US to China – would be held on March 8 to commemorate and advance the struggle for women’s emancipation to be completed through socialist revolution.

Seizing on the revolutionary fervour of the masses, seeking to defang it into a passive day of celebration rather than a combative and militant one, the imperialists would turn IWWD into simply “International Women’s Day”. This can be seen by the United Nations adopting International Women’s Day as a harmless celebration. The change goes beyond just language, it removes the class character of the day and the revolutionary history of struggle surrounding women’s emancipation. The diluting of the class content of IWWD is done to cover for the imperialist and colonial powers that seek only to – at best – give lip service to the struggle against patriarchy, principally the oppression of women, among the big capitalist class. The capitalist women are fundamentally a reactionary group incapable of changing anything but the most superficial elements in the manifestation of patriarchy. They are unable to break this system, and fundamentally it is not in their class interest to do so, as the patriarchal exploitation of working women helps to line their pockets. This reveals the complete bankruptcy of postmodernist conceptions of “gender solidarity” where women can be united as women to fight patriarchy. Like the erasure of the class character of IWWD by the big capitalist class, this only serves to confuse contradictions, divide the working class, and prolong the existence of imperialism. Only the working class can destroy imperialism and only working women can be a vanguard fighter in the inseparable struggle to eradicate patriarchy.

A myth peddled by some is that women’s oppression no longer exists in Canada. This ilk would have you believe that some social and political rights – rights that had to be won by countless women revolutionaries who struggled tooth and nail to achieve them – means that patriarchy has been crushed. They would complement this by saying that patriarchy exists only in the “backward” societies. This is most often seen in countries like Canada in the characterization of Muslim-majority countries, wherein the most die-hard opponents of women’s emancipation in Canada will paint themselves as the most ardent feminists internationally. This lie perpetuated by the imperialists is nothing more than an attack on the people of the Third World, the nations oppressed by imperialism, by painting them as barbaric and thereby justifying intervention economically or militarily toward the strengthening of their political power over these nations. This lie also aims to keep private property and women’s oppression alive in the home markets.

The reality is that the exploitation and oppression of working women is alive and well in Canada and is integral to its functioning. The current economic crisis of imperialism has only sharpened this exploitation. The oppression of women is principally rooted in the existence of private property, whose origin allowed for the subjugation of women. This exploitation manifests in how they are pushed toward the role of reproductive and domestic labour whose value is erased, thereby justifying it going unpayed under capitalism. On top of this assignment to reproductive labour, women are also pushed into the workforce to conduct productive labour on top of reproductive labour. The jobs open to women are often restricted to “feminized labour” that is underpaid and overworked. In this way, capitalism provides the means for women’s emancipation by proletarianizing the bulk of them, yet it simultaneously thrusts this double exploitation, both in the home and as workers outside the home, upon them.

Marxist analysis shows that the State is made up of two main elements, primarily its armed force, and secondarily its massive bureaucratic apparatus. Under capitalism, this bureaucratic apparatus has brought forward a whole host of obstacles to prevent the organization of working women to break their chains. Access to healthcare, housing, stable and viable employment, and other necessities are stonewalled by these bureaucratic obstacles and they face increasing unavailability due to rising costs all around. Reproductive rights that include access to birth control, hormones, and abortion are under relentless attacks, whether from religious fundamentalists and fascists who are catered to by “moderate” politicians on the federal levels, or through economic means by denying funding to clinics for the sake of “balanced budgets” that makes access impossible even if “freed” from bureaucratic red tape. Universal childcare has been mocked as either a waste of resources or derided for “denying women their natural maternal role,” which has greatly worsened the condition of women and children as living expenses increase and schools are fluctuated between being opened or being closed. Increased living expenses and impoverishment has made escape from violence in the home and the workplace all but impossible for many, shackling countless women to incredibly dangerous and abusive living situations.

The already meagre situation of trans women has only been compounded. Access to necessities such as housing and medical services are out of reach due to costs, and trans women often experience violence at work or difficulty gaining stable employment due to discrimination. On top of all this, there are bureaucratic obstacles that are added with the very denial of their right to even call themselves women.

The imperialist and colonial core of Canada has only worked to strengthen women’s oppression. The genocide of Indigenous nations within the borders of Canada has been marked by the most ruthless violence against Indigenous women and Two-Spirit people. The fight to get the Old Canadian State to simply investigate the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women has been resisted, no doubt due to the clear reality that many of these murders were done at the hand of civil servants, police, and soldiers as a result of ongoing colonial policy and action. Within Canada’s borders to the global scale, Canada’s economic and military endeavours have only strengthened the oppression of women.

Canadian imperialism penetrates deeper into the Third World, creating new semi-colonies. The Old Canadian State does this economically through the export of capital to these colonies or through force. In the latter case, economic domination and ultimately political power follows. Imperialism stunts the economies of these nations, forcing many workers and peasants to flock to the imperial centres to support their families. This is best seen in the case of Filipina women who represent one of their country’s biggest exports.

The solutions normally offered to end patriarchy are often short-sighted and outright reactionary. Some liberal feminists believe the solution is through removing some obstacles so the few women at the top can reach esteemed positions easier; more women cops, corporate board members, drone operators and Hollywood producers. It is assumed that slightly better media representation and “sensitivity training” will somehow tear down patriarchy. Some politicians even recognize the primacy of the economic problem at the root of women’s oppression, only to then argue that this is proof there isn’t “patriarchy”, but rather it is an issue of poverty, leading to an argument for a “gender-blind” and purely economic solution. These social-fascists (they may posture behind more radical labels but amount to social-fascists all the same) will advocate a “revolution” to achieve this by incredibly incremental reform achieved only by glorified lobbying of politicians, by petitioning, and by voting. In total, these reforms do not empower women to attack the issues at their root but rather strengthen the reliance on the Old State through welfare aid.

Alongside these “progressives”, there exists a number of reactionaries who wish to cement old-style traditionalist oppression and paint it as liberation. Whether “traditional conservatives” or postmodernists, they will push for conditions that make it “easier” for women to remain subjugated in the home and workforce, whether it be through pushing tax credits to take care of families to outright justifying sexual exploitation as “legitimate options” or “alternatives” in place of destroying the root of patriarchal oppression stemming from putting women in these conditions against their will.

The reality is that only a revolution that destroys imperialism and settler-colonialism, principally imperialism, can destroy patriarchy. The only way to achieve revolution is through the conquest of Power to destroy the Old State through a People’s War under the centralized leadership of a Communist Party.

Today, the working class lacks this Communist Party. They have been robbed of it at least since its liquidation into the “Labour-Progressive Party” at the hands of the revisionist traitor Tim Buck in 1943. Since then, the proletariat has been left with nothing but opportunists and traitors falsely portraying themselves to the masses as a Communist Party. The most recent face adopted by revisionism in Canada is the “Revolutionary Communist Party”. Whether it is the RCP’s historic leadership in Montreal (the self-styled “Continuators”), or their recent splinter calling itself the Charles Gagnon Cell, or the postmodernist sycophants of Joshua Moufawad-Paul in English Canada, they are all the same: obstacles to be disposed of by the working class on the road to the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Canada as a Militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party.

Only when armed with our reconstituted Communist Party can we join our comrades in India, Peru, Turkey, and the Philippines in waging a glorious People’s War against the Old Canadian State, abolishing patriarchy alongside imperialism and settler-colonialism all the way until Communism, serving the World Proletarian Revolution.

Women of the working class: it is our duty to reconstitute the Communist Party of Canada!

Wave after wave, blow after blow – against imperialism and patriarchy!

Proletarian Feminism for Communism!


Toronto Rally for International Working Women’s Day 2021!

Toronto Rally for International Working Women’s Day 2021!

Join us for a rally on International Working Women’s Day! For over 100 years, this day has been an occasion to advance the women’s movement as part of the revolutionary struggle against imperialism, capitalism, and patriarchy around the world.

When: Monday, March 8, 5:30 PM
Where: Yonge & Finch, North York
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Dress warm and wear a mask!

Imperialism, as the highest stage of capitalism, unleashes horrors and violence on the oppressed peoples of the world in order to enrich itself. Women of the oppressed classes face the worst violence: the most exploitative jobs, harassment at work and on the streets, sexual exploitation, backbreaking domestic labour and abuse at home – the list goes on. Here in settler-colonial Canada, the Canadian State pursues a centuries-old policy of genocide against Indigenous Nations, targeting Indigenous women in particular. This appears most clearly in the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women, which the State continues to perpetuate.

We are in the midst of a historic crisis of imperialism. Every day, imperialist powers like Canada pump more money into wars of conquest and aggression, desperately trying to find profitable ventures while every day it is less and less feasible to maintain them. We see this crisis in the response of the ruling classes to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The capitalists impose mass layoffs and evictions in a futile effort to keep themselves afloat, while the State works overtime to maintain the whole rotten order, yet it can never solve the problems inherent to capitalism. Amid such conditions, working women have been among the most harshly hit by the dying throes of this system.

Imperialism is drowning – and it is time for the workers and oppressed peoples of the world to finish the job! Make no mistake, even in its sick and rotten condition, it is still a brutal oppressor. It will stop at nothing to preserve the system of private property and the oppression of women which is rooted in this system. Only a Militarized Communist Party, mobilizing the masses for People’s War, is capable of smashing the throne of capital and ensuring the real emancipation of women. Today there is no genuine Communist Party in Canada, and so it is our historical duty to reconstitute it! Only with the active participation of proletarian women will the Communist Party of Canada be reconstituted!

We call on all people whose blood boils with fury at exploitation and injustice to join us in the struggle against imperialism, capitalism and patriarchy! Revolutionary vigour alone won’t keep COVID-19 and the cold away, so be sure to dress warmly and bring a mask.

Women of the working class: it is our duty to reconstitute the Communist Party of Canada!

Wave after wave, blow after blow – against imperialism and patriarchy!

Proletarian Feminism for Communism!

— An initiative of the Revolutionary Student Movement – Greater Toronto Area

Campaign for Proletarian Feminism: To the Streets on March 8!

Campaign for Proletarian Feminism: To the Streets on March 8!

At the top-centre of this banner image, it says: "Working women: It is our duty to reconstitute the Communist Party of Canada! Wave after wave, blow after blow, against imperialism and patriarchy! Proletarian Feminism for Communism!" At the bottom-centre of the image, it says: "Toward March 8: International Working Women's Day". The background is a sketch of women marching with fists raised into the air, and large red flags with yellow hammer-and-sickles waving behind them.

A message from the Revolutionary Student Movement – Greater Toronto Area:

March 8 marks International Working Women’s Day (IWWD). This special day was established over a hundred years ago at the 1910 International Socialist Women’s Conference, at which the proposal for the establishment of IWWD was lead by Clara Zetkin. IWWD was established in an effort to unite and bring proletarian women into the struggle for Communism.

This revolutionary occasion is often diluted and diminished both by liberals on one end and revisionists on the other. Both sides sing false songs about how women’s oppression no longer exists by reducing it to “identity politics” or distracting from the fact that the real solution to women’s oppression is through socialism. We must not be distracted: the liberation of women depends on the abolition of private property and capitalism itself. Therefore, the correct orientation for Communist women is to take up the struggle to conquer political power for the working class through People’s War, which can only be achieved with a Militarized Communist Party.

Today, the principal task of Communists all across the world is to constitute or reconstitute their Communist Parties. This is especially urgent in our country, where revisionism has deprived the working class of its organized vanguard for nearly a century! This task must be taken up amidst the class struggle and ideological two-line struggle. Proletarian women, who face a double oppression as workers and as women, are a key element to the reconstitution of the Communist Parties. It is crucial for working women to develop strong class consciousness that will make them capable of grasping problems faced by the working class as a whole and providing correct solutions to them.

To mark International Working Women’s Day this year, the Revolutionary Student Movement will post one profile per day on our social media about a revolutionary woman, building toward March 8. In the lead up to the occasion and on March 8 itself, there will be actions to educate, agitate, and propagandize the working women’s struggle – so stay tuned for upcoming announcements. Additionally, the RSM intends to conduct social investigation into the conditions of working women in the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada. If you would like to join in this campaign, reach out to us directly through our social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) or via

Women! Unite around the revolutionary slogans:

It is our duty to reconstitute the Communist Party of Canada!

Wave after wave, blow after blow – against imperialism and patriarchy!

Proletarian Feminism for Communism!

A photo of three young people waving large flags of Palestine against a clear sunny sky. Superimposed over the photo is "ANTI-ZIONISM IS NOT ANTISEMITISM!" in big yellow letters. Under that it says "Oppose Ontario's Adoption of the IHRA Antisemitism Definition!" in smaller white letters.ANTI-ZIONISM IS NOT ANTISEMITISM! OPPOSE ONTARIO’S ADOPTION OF THE IHRA ANTISEMITISM DEFINITION!

As of October 26, 2020, the government of Ontario has chosen to adopt the definition of antisemitism which has been published by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). This definition reads as follows:

“Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

This can be interpreted broadly, but IHRA has helpfully clarified what this means on their website, for example:

“Manifestations might include the targeting of the State of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity. However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.”

This seems reasonable, at least insofar as it acknowledges that one can be critical of Israel without being antisemitic. Yet, short sentences later, we see what limitations IHRA really considers reasonable. They have listed a number of examples of antisemitism, and one example stands out:

“Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.”

What does this mean? It means that criticism of Israel must always imply support of Israel: it cannot call into question the right of Israel to exist. Israel’s existence, of course, is at the expense of the self-determination of the Palestinian people who lived on that land when the first Zionist settlers arrived there. It is a nation built from the conquest of Palestine by force, and Palestinians now live in refugee camps of neighboring nations or in the meager territories in the West Bank and Gaza because of that.

The Jewish people have rights, the same rights to their lives and their livelihoods as the Palestinians do, but to support the rights of Jewish people is not the same as to support the existence of Israel. The State of Israel does not represent the interests of the Jewish people; on the contrary, as the great Lenin pointed out, a people can never be free so long as it oppresses another. The Jewish people have lived for millennia without a settler State that commits genocide under the cover of Jewish self-determination, and the vast majority of Jewish people continue to live outside Israel. The IHRA’s conflation of Israel’s existence with Jewish self-determination is in fact a core pillar of settler-colonial Zionist ideology, which must be combated alongside the equally poisonous ideology of antisemitism.

By adopting the IHRA definition of antisemitism, the Ontario government defines the call for Palestinian liberation itself as being antisemitic, and turns all of its supporters into potential targets for sanctions and repression. Of course, there is an important reason why it benefits the government of Ontario (and, in 2019, the Canadian government) to accept IHRA’s definition: Canada’s interests with Israel. Canada voted in favor of the creation of Israel at the UN in 1947 and continues to be its trade partner through the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA), although its voting support for Israel in the UN has changed over the decades. The Ford government’s support for Zionism in 2020 is likely connected with Israel’s signing of peace accords with Bahrain, UAE, and Sudan. All of these are countries which have long been hostile to Israel due to their Muslim majorities, so their growing acceptance of diplomacy and trade with Israel heralds the growing Israeli sphere of influence in the region and the expansionist dreams of the most fervent Zionists. The increased support signaled by these countries as well as by this province, in a time of political upheaval in Israel as well as in its primary ally, the USA, is a statement of support for imperialism and settler-colonialism which we cannot accept.

Canada itself is guilty of the very same crimes as Israel. Canada exists at the expense of the rights of the Indigenous Nations whose land was (and continues to be) systematically stolen by the old Canadian State. To the extent that Canada can help bolster the claim of Zionism to stolen land, it can also reinforce its own claim to stolen land. Sanitizing Israel’s genocide of Palestinians allows Canada to do the same for its own genocide of Indigenous Nations. The big capitalists of both countries have a lot in common when it comes to how they do business, especially when it comes to the way they treat those who rebel against their power, i.e. by the brutal and remorseless use of military force.

Palestine has a right to self-determination. The people of Palestine, subject to brutality, murder, and the robbery of their home, have a right to rebel against this injustice, just as do all oppressed nations and workers of the world. In every country, in every language, the masses of the world cry out “Long live Palestine”, and that too is their right. When the government of this province threatens even our right to express our support for Palestinian liberation, we have no choice but to speak louder, for we cannot let ourselves be silenced.

Our ability to protest freely is not our most important weapon, however. The liberation of Palestine itself, just like the liberation of the Indigenous Nations on this continent, and just like the liberation of the workers of the world, can only be carried out by the masses through revolutionary struggle. It is only by completely tearing down the old world that we can bring about the new world.





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★ Revolutionary Student Movement – Windsor

★ Revolutionary Student Movement – Guelph

★ Coordinating Committee of the Revolutionary Student Movement

If Reconciliation Is Dead, Then So Is Any Hope in the NDP

If Reconciliation Is Dead, Then So Is Any Hope in the NDP

Reconciliation is dead: this fact is plain to see for all. The Canadian State will fight against Indigenous national liberation until its very last breath. Liberal leaders will talk at length about reconciliation, only to turn around and assault Indigenous Peoples on behalf of Canadian capital, to say nothing of reactionaries like former Conservative leader Andrew Scheer calling for the blood of Land Defenders. But where does the New Democratic Party stand?

At first glance, the NDP seems to support progressive struggles. It criticizes the Liberal Party for failing to commit to even a single point of reconciliation, and its MPs, like Matthew Green, come to show support for the Six Nations Land Defenders at 1492 Land Back Lane. We are forced to raise the question: What are their motives in doing so?

In stark contrast to their official positions, the NDP in British Columbia are not supporters – or even bystanders – in the struggle of the Wet’suwet’en People. On the contrary, it is under NDP Premier John Horgan’s leadership that the invasion of Wet’suwet’en territory is being carried out! The NDP nationally refuses to take a concrete position, with Jagmeet Singh stating that he supports the “rule of law” when asked about RCMP actions, a justification everyone knows to be a dog-whistle for police repression.

The two faces of the NDP are like night and day. In Ontario, where the Conservatives rule, NDP leaders come to personally speak with Land Defenders, yet in B.C. it is the NDP itself which organizes the invasion of Wet’suwet’en territory under the pretext of “law and order”! There is only one conclusion: the NDP’s support is nothing but a cynical attempt at dragging the struggle for national liberation to the voting booth, to bury it in meaningless drivel about reconciliation. Colonialism has many faces, and the NDP is one of them.

The Revolutionary Student Movement condemns all attempts at co-opting Indigenous resistance for electoral gains. Such tricks only serve to further entrench the old colonial order. Be it Liberal or New Democratic, the Canadian State has no intention of halting its plans of genocide. Indigenous Peoples on the front lines of anti-colonial struggle have already made it clear: they have no wish to hear more prattle about reconciliation. It is dead, and revolution is alive!

Victory to the Six Nations Land Defenders!

No colonial snakes, no NDP!

Reconciliation is dead, Canada will be next!

Workers and oppressed nations of the world, unite!

People’s War until Communism!

— A statement from the Revolutionary Student Movement – Greater Toronto Area

SEIZE THE TIME: A Call to Revolutionary Students and Youth in Greater Toronto Area!

SEIZE THE TIME: A Call to Revolutionary Students and Youth in Greater Toronto Area!

As the COVID-19 pandemic builds to a second wave, in the midst of the deepening general crisis of capitalism, schools at all levels have reopened across Canada. A disastrous academic year looms ahead, but the Revolutionary Student Movement is on the march! In the Greater Toronto Area, where roughly half a million secondary and post-secondary students reside, we are busy rebuilding our forces to take their post alongside other RSM sections across the country. If you are a student or youth in the GTA who yearns for a better world, this is a great opportunity to join an organization that fights for a revolutionary new society.