RSM-York’s new radical, lefty newspaper called Outcry!

RSM-York’s new radical, lefty newspaper called Outcry!


RSM-York is pleased to announce our new campus newspaper, The Outcry!
You can read our first issue by clicking the link above. We’ll have a new one for you every month!

Why a left wing paper?
At York University, there is no paper that truly represents and expresses the interests of working class, marginalized, and oppressed students. There is no paper committed to speaking about anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, anti-racism, anti-misogyny, anti-transphobia, anti-homophobia, and anti-ableism. Some of these topics may be mentioned sometimes in Excalibur, but they are often presented with a “both-sides” slant in an attempt to be “unbiased”. Outcry will be unapologetically left-wing, providing a platform for left-wing groups and students on campus. It will allow students who are active or inactive with politics on campus to understand and get involved with what’s happening politically on campus. Outcry will provide left-wing commentary and critiques of events and groups on campus, and groups can broadcast meetings and events if they choose to. As the paper develops, it can become a medium between people and groups, in ways such as questions and responses between students and groups.

Are you a York student or resident in the nearby area, and interested in writing for the Outcry?
Send us an email @
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1st General Meeting of RSM-York!

The Revolutionary Student Movement – York University Chapter is ready to start things off this year! Join us on our 1st meeting of the term if you want to learn more about RSM and what we do, if you’re interested in getting involved, and what to know what our plans are for the term.

WHEN: February 2, 5-7PM
WHERE: York Student Centre, OPIRG Room 449C

We will discuss:
– Why do we need an anti-capitalist, anti-settler colonial, anti-imperialist combative student movement?
– What is the RSM?
– Topics for the weekly Communist Study Groups
– Plans for joining the Proletarian Feminist Front Toronto contingent at the February 14th Strawberry Ceremony for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
– Plans of the York Mobilization Committee and the March 24th Day of Action

If you can’t attend this meeting but would like to get involved, email or drop us a message on our event page here

York University, Rise Up! Join the #RedSpring2015 Mobilization Committee!

York University, Rise Up! Join the #RedSpring2015 Mobilization Committee!

Students of York University!
Rise-up! Mobilize Towards the Pan-Canadian Day of Action, March 24

We are calling for individual students, campus organizations and allies to join the #redspring2015 mobilization committee.

WHEN: February 11, 2014, 4-6PM
WHERE: HNES lounge at the 1st Floor

On the FIRST MEETING, we will discuss:
– Our demands
(Are these demands applicable to our context? Do we have any additional demands?)
– How to engage and outreach to the larger student population
– Our plans for March 24th

If you are interested but cannot join the meeting, email or drop us a message on or RSVP to our event page


Despite the demographic of the York undergraduate population to be composed mostly of working-class and racialized students, events in our campus have shown that we have no say over our how the university can work for us. Worse, Black and Brown students are racially profiled by increasing police presence in campus! Student activists have been heavily targeted by university administration for asking our university to divest from apartheid regimes! Outside, our university is actively participating in the gentrification of Jane and Finch and the displacement of its residents.

We, working-class and racialized students, understand that simply fighting for lower tuition does not guarantee the full accessibility of post-secondary education to our communities. Most of our peers drop out even before their high school graduation! And some of us who manage to attend post-secondary institutions fight tooth and nail to survive, struggling to pay tuition, rent, and bills at the same time, struggling to survive the alienation from a university built on the appropriation of Indigenous land and the appropriation of the labour of colonized people!

The Revolutionary Student Movement is calling for a pan-Canadian day of action against austerity and in solidarity with the Spring 2015 movement on March 24, 2015.We call for the creation of mobilization committees on campuses across Canada with the intent of organizing actions –strikes, demonstrations, walk-outs, etc. – on March 24.

Let’s use this opportunity to build a student movement that is not content with simply begging the government for scraps by lobbying. And let’s use this opportunity to build a student movement across Canada that is not afraid to fight, and not afraid to win.

These mobilization committees will strive to be safe and accessible to all people that wish to participate; in short, any sort of oppressive behaviour (racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, national chauvinism, etc.) will not be tolerated within these committees. The committees must strive to be anti-colonial, feminist and LGBTQ2S+ inclusive, expressed in the committees’ political leadership and in their actions.

We demand:

Students should no longer have to pay for education. Students who could not afford post-secondary education should no longer be punished by high-interest student loans.

Free tuition alone cannot guarantee accessibility. We demand guaranteed admission to every post-secondary institution for all students. Good quality post-secondary education should not simply be for the elite; everyone should have access to the schools and programs of their choice.

Education should serve the interests of people, not corporations or profit. Education should serve the interests of people, not corporations or profit. Research should be done for the benefit of all, not the benefit of private firms. We demand that a democratic and scientific education should replace the imperialist, settler colonial and patriarchal curriculum in post-secondary schools. Education should prepare us to struggle for justice and liberation, not simply prepare us to work.

We recognize that Canada, as a settler colony, is built on stolen land and the genocide of Indigenous peoples. Increased funding must be made available for all indigenous people to have access to post-secondary education, as well as for the creation of indigenous colleges and universities. We demand that education preserves the cultures and languages of indigenous people within post-secondary education, and a necessary anti-colonial component to all programs.

Universities and colleges should be run by the people they serve, not by unelected boards of governors filled with representatives of the big banks and large corporations. We demand the abolition of boards of governors, and their replacement with representative bodies composed of students, faculty, support staff, and members of the community. All representatives should be determined by the university’s community, and subject to recall at any time.

Resisting White Supremacy, Colonialism, and Racism on Campus Event

Resisting White Supremacy, Colonialism, and Racism on Campus Event

The Equity Committee and the Accessibility Community Equity Committee in the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) are holding an anti-colonial and anti-racist event on Tues January 20th between 2:00 – 4:00 pm, with a special panel from groups on campus!


York friends and comrades, please come to this event to learn, share and strategize!
Our university continues to deny that racism and racial profiling occurs in campus. Those who deny the reality of colonialism and white supremacy are the very same people who uphold it — from our Deans, professors, registrar and campus police!
We have to show up and demonstrate not only that white supremacy and colonialism exist, but in fact, students actively organize against them! This campus is ours! Let’s continue to transform it as a site of class struggle!

Working-class universities like York are sites of racism and colonialism as well as of resistance, resurgence and community building. Recent examples include the University’s inaction in the wake of racist Immigration Watch flyers, and the antiblack responses to sexual assaults on campus, including racial profiling of Black students, staff and faculty and the demonizing of the surrounding Jane and Finch community, which the University plays an active role in gentrifying. This conversation between Black, Indigenous and racialized students and teachers explores what an anti-racist and anti-colonial education might look like that counters the pathologization, criminalization and appropriation of our lives and knowledges by the academic industrial complex.

RSVP to the FB event here

Close the Barn Door, Keep the Pigs Out! RCMP Recruitment Protest in Toronto

Close the Barn Door, Keep the Pigs Out! RCMP Recruitment Protest in Toronto


On Wednesday, November 19th, the Revolutionary Student Movement—an anti-capitalist, militant student organization—carried out a protest against a Royal Canadian Mounted Police recruitment event on University of Toronto campus. The protest outside the Medical Science Building was joined by comrades from the Proletarian Feminist Front and the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee. Protestors handed out pamphlets to passing pedestrians and attendees of the RCMP propaganda session. The comrades led chants denouncing the RCMP’s recruitment presence on St. George Campus, and held speeches denouncing capitalism, imperialism and settler-colonialism, all of which are the foundation upon which the RCMP functions as the strong arm of the ruling class.

The University of Toronto has a long history of accommodating the recruitment efforts of the repressive state apparatus on campus. The RCMP not only holds 1-2 recruitment sessions per semester, but also participates heavily in university career fairs. Police recruitment has largely been ignored by the left in most of English Canada, with no major disruption remaining in the collective memory of the University of Toronto campus. As a result, the cops have been left to their own devices in recruiting today’s bullies into tomorrow’s pigs.

The Revolutionary Student Movement broke this dubious ceasefire by leading the first protest against the pigs’ recruitment process at the University of Toronto. This struggle built on the immense success of the Sudbury Revolutionary Student Movement’s disruption of a similar event at Laurentian University. While our comrades in Sudbury were forcibly shoved out of the pigs’ playground, they still delivered a strong blow to the recruitment event. Moreover, they remained outside the building and educated participants and witnesses as to the necessity of smashing the capitalists’ grasp on the university and reclaiming the campus for the people.

The cowardly behavior of the police was not just in Sudbury; it also reared its pathetic head at the University of Toronto, where the RCMP recruiters refused to exit through the front door where the protest was being held. Instead, the pigs remained inside the lobby for 10 minutes with no idea of what to do in response to our actions. Truly, the cops are paper tigers.

These disruptions against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have shown that it is possible to engage in direct action against the police, even in a time where the pouting of opportunists has demobilized and confused the left. Moreover, these struggles have in fact shown the necessity of an independent and militant student movement that actively confronts the pigs who want to turn our campus and our city into their sty.

The police are the enemy. This is not because of incidental injustices within the police force itself, such as corruption or sexism within the ranks, although they may certainly exist. The police, first and foremost, are the repressive arm of the ruling class, raised against the masses of workers who toil each day for capitalist profits. The police are the enemy of the vast majority of society because of their social function within the capitalist system, as explained in the pamphlet produced by the Revolutionary Student Movement and distributed at the action:

“Like other police forces in Canada, they exist to protect capital and ensure the stable functioning of the capitalist system. If this means abusing and intimidating communities into submission, fine. If this means lying and spying, no problem. If this means beating up and arresting protesters who denounce this exploitative system, it’s all in a day’s work. We must have no illusions: if the people were to rise up against such a system, the police would be on the front lines against them, and would be happy for the overtime pay.”

Furthermore, the RCMP is an army of occupation of indigenous lands and peoples. This function continues into the present day, suspended only in Ontario, Québec and Newfoundland, where provincial police departments have taken over and put their jackboots on the necks of the indigenous people in their jurisdictions. This colonial function is horrendously illustrated in the outright neglect by the RCMP of the epidemic of missing and murdered aboriginal women, which they refuse to investigate, much less solve. And how could they? To remedy a crime of settler-colonialism requires that settler-colonialism be abolished, which in turn would require the abolition—in fact, the smashing—of the RCMP itself.

Finally, the RCMP is a domestic intelligence apparatus for political repression. Much like the FBI and NSA of the United States, the RCMP also exists to keep tabs on, disrupt and repress people and organizations who oppose the current state of affairs. If you’ve ever spoken out against imperialist war, capitalist exploitation, racist violence, or colonial occupation, the RCMP wants to know about it. And if they have their way, they will. If you’re upset about rising unemployment, growing personal debt, falling wages and failing social services, the RCMP is your enemy because they work tirelessly to protect the capitalist system, the system that causes all of these problems. They understand this fact and will do what they can to arrest, jail, frame or discredit anyone who opposes capitalism.

This is not just the legacy of the RCMP, but rather remains to this day the very purpose of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They are here to crush all the revolutionary (even non-revolutionary) aspirations of the oppressed. It is with this understanding that the Revolutionary Student Movement says: “Close the barn door! Keep the pigs out!” We must show that the police are unwelcome on campus. In order to do so, we must take the campus out of the hands of capitalists and make it a site of class struggle!

PCR-RCP article published here

The War in India: Genocide, Fascism, and Resistance; Joint Event with the International Campaign Against War on the People in India (ICAWPI)!

The War in India: Genocide, Fascism, and Resistance; Joint Event with the International Campaign Against War on the People in India (ICAWPI)!

RSM-York is pleased to be holding a joint event with our comrades from ICAWPI! This will be a can’t miss event


Come out for an open discussion on the situation in India, where for the past five years the government has been waging all-out war on its population; murdering, raping and detaining tens of thousands of activists, militants and civilians in an attempt to crush increasingly popular resistance movements. This brutal crackdown, named “Operation Greenhunt”, receives financial and military support from the U.S., Israel and increasingly Canada.

Presentations will focus on the intensification of this repression under the new Hindu-Fascist Modi government and on other long-standing wars in India, such as the occupation of Kashmir and attacks against Muslim and Dalit communities. Finally we will touch on what we can do here in Toronto to oppose the War on the people of India
and stand in solidarity with the brave organizations and organizers fighting back!


Speakers Include:
Dhruv Jain, ICAWPI – Toronto
Dr. Raju Das, Department of Geography, York University
Kabir Joshi-Vijayan, ICAWPI – Toronto

Call-Out for the Fourth Conference of the RSM – Quebec City, November 2014

Call-Out for the Fourth Conference of the RSM – Quebec City, November 2014


In the two years since the inaugural Conference of Revolutionary Youth and Students, held in December 2012 in Toronto, the Revolutionary Student Movement has made leaps and bounds in its development, reshaping the terrain of the student movement in Canada by building a viable revolutionary force which is advancing class struggle on campuses.  Growing from a small collection of more-or-less affiliated local groups in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City, the Revolutionary Student Movement has grown into an organization with presence in 10 cities and an ever-deepening unity on the pressing political and strategic questions facing the revolutionary movement today: namely, the task of building revolution in Canada.

This unity was most recently demonstrated in Ontario during the provincial election campaign, when RSM members joined with revolutionaries from across the province in launching the Boycott the Elections campaign, which saw events in eight cities denounce the phony democracy of the Ontario legislature.

It was also seen at the Montreal Student Movement Conference, where the RSM played a leading role among radical students, correctly identifying the Canadian Federation of Students as an obstacle to the emergence of a militant student movement, undermining the ability of social democracy to co-opt the revolutionary impulse of today’s youth and students. This position, almost entirely new in English Canada, was successfully argued for and adopted by the entire convention.

The clearest victory of this united, strategic approach came from uOttawa, where the RSM initiated and led the campaign for General Assemblies, organizing wider sections of the masses and winning the campaign with 69% of the final vote – and doing it openly as communists!

From these examples, one common theme emerges: We are advancing, and we have the initiative . More than ever, the Revolutionary Student Movement is poised to constitute the pan-Canadian organization of revolutionary students. This demonstrates two things: first, that the conditions for the emergence of a revolutionary movement in Canada exist, and second, that the political perspective of the Revolutionary Student Movement is best-suited to take advantage of those conditions.

Last spring, at the 3rd Conference of Revolutionary Youth and Students in Montreal, we adopted a number of proposals to guide our work, proposals that outlined the preconditions for the establishment of the RSM as a truly pan-Canadian revolutionary student organizaton . From drafting a constitution to expansion into Vancouver to an expansion of our propaganda work to many others, the majority of the goals  we set have been or are in the process of being met. It is necessary that we meet again to track the progress made since then and to chart the course we will follow in the months to come.

It is with this purpose in mind that the Revolutionary Student Movement proudly announces the 4th Conference of Revolutionary Youth and Students, held this time in Quebec City, on November 15-16, 2014.

With invitees from coast to coast, this is shaping up to be another historic leap forward in building the revolutionary movement in Canada! We will witness and shape the transformation of the political landscape of the country and forge ahead toward revolution!

Interested comrades are encouraged to register for participation either with their local RSM chapter or using the online registration form, available here. We are currently soliciting proposals to guide our ideological, political and organizational work for debate at the Conference, and these should be submitted by November 5, 2014.

Assistance with accommodation and transportation are available – No comrade left behind!

With a growing wealth of experience and momentum behind us, the future looks brighter than ever. Now more than ever, we are living the slogan: dare to struggle, dare to win!

Tabling for OPIRG-York’s 2014 Disorientation!

We’ll be tabling most of the day between 10 am – 4 pm.
Come out and discuss with us how we intend to unleash class struggle on campus!

DIS-ORIENTATION @ York U 2014: Fear Of An Active Campus!

Full Schedule:

Volunteer Opportunities/Training:

York University has a long history of protest and social movements. Lead by both student and community members there have been many successes, from staying unjust deportations of students, to getting the University to commit to stop selling bottled water by 2015. But along with these successes, there have been student and activist repression, a fear on behalf of the York administration.

York’s prohibitive actions of banning of student groups and individuals, demonstrations and freedom of expression, along with the use of security and increasing police presence contribute to racial profiling and further restrictions of student rights and freedoms, stereotyping of the Jane and Finch community and a continued denial of gender based violence issues without making an effort to address and. At the same time, the University invests its money (yes, student money) into war and occupation in other countries and into fossil fuel companies that pollute and destroy communities and the earth.

Fear of an Active Campus

A New Year at York for the RSM! Discussion Groups

A New Year at York for the RSM! Discussion Groups

WHEN: Every Monday, starting on September 22, 2014

WHERE: Overgrad Cafe, Ross South 167

Join the Revolutionary Students Movement at York University for a weekly discussion group where we talk about the struggles of proletarian students in Canada, class struggle, imperialism, settler colonialism and the need to organize youth and students towards the revolution!

Let’s make our campus a site of class struggle!