Boundless for Whom? The Working-Class Students within the Academic-Industrial Complex



September 26, Thursday
Hart House Music Room, 7 Hart House Circle

The University of Toronto’s Boundless Campaign describes boundless possibilities and potentials for its students, but for a large segment of the student population, the reality is a different story. Working-class students, mostly racialized, face countless barriers to enroll, stay and graduate from post-secondary education. While millions are spent on programs to increase the university’s global competitiveness, Transitional Year Programme (TYP), a program that allows working-class students to access an undergraduate degree, is in constant threat of elimination. More and more, the university is making a statement: the Boundless Campaign is NOT for the unaccounted Black, Indigenous, queer & trans, single mothers, disabled and poor students that TYP could be further serving.

Join us for a panel and discussion as the Transitional Year Programme Preservation and the Revolutionary Students Movement Coalition (TYP-RSM coalition) share their perspectives on the intensified corporatization of the university and their work in the “Expand the TYP!” campaign. All marginalized, working-class and progressive youth and students are encouraged to attend!

Childcare will be provided! TTC tokens available! And join us for a small picnic afterwards!

Kerri Kimoto is a member of the Revolutionary Students Movement.

Carla Rodney is a member of the Transitional Year Programme Preservation Alliance.

This event is part of Disorientation Week 2013. See the week’s full list of events at:

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