Join RSM for a Demo to Preserve the Transitional Year Programme (TYP)



Transition to Expansion: U of T, Hands off the TYP
Town Hall Meeting with Cheryl Regehr
Monday November 18th
12 pm
Galbraith Building, room 248
35 St. George Street

The Transitional Year Programme Preservation Alliance, which the RSM has been participating in, has been meeting in recent months to discuss our concerns around proposed changes to the Transitional Year Programme (TYP), including the University recommendation of amalgamation of the TYP with the Woodsworth Bridging Program, and the reallocation of the TYP from 49 St. George Street to 123 St. George Street. Students have brought forward issues and concerns regarding the above proposals over the past year, in addition to concerns over cuts to TYP faculty, staff, and programme, i.e. concerns regarding the lack of financial resources.

Students and Alumni of the Programme, as well as University of Toronto community members, have serious concerns about the relocation of the TYP from 49 St. George Street to 123 St. George Street. After conducting a survey of current TYP students, results show the proposed building for the programme’s relocation is not adequate for the needs of the current students. First, there is a very obvious concern regarding the physical accessibility of the proposed building and its impact on inclusiveness with regard to future/incoming TYP students. Secondly, students in the TYP also expressed the need to maintain adequate space for faculty offices, a child friendly environment and a kitchen, which is currently provided at 49 St. George Street. Furthermore, as the programme has deep roots in the wider community, a decent space for student study groups and meetings will be necessary.

The Boundless Campaign is supposed to include access and equity. The University of Toronto loves to parade around the TYP until it comes to preserving the program, let alone expanding it. Shame on the University! As part of the Boundless campaign, they plan to move the Transitional Year Programme from its current location at 49 St. George Street in order to build the Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Who is this campaign boundless for? We want boundless expansion, and we want the university to explain why the TYP must sacrifice their space for the University’s boundless, capitalist program? The program’s budget has been frozen this year, and has faced cuts in recent years to staff and its resources.

Join us at this town hall on Monday, November 18th to strategize about how to fight for the TYP and its space. There will be a demo afterward.

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