No Matter Who Wins, The Working Class Loses! Ontario Election Boycott Forum- Saturday, June 7


Time and again, the working class is expected to go to the polls and endorse the section of the ruling class that will oppress, exploit and mislead them for the years to come.

More and more, we’re refusing to take part in the charade. More than half the working class knows this system can never be for them, and its time to harness this latent rejection of the bourgeoisie and its sham ‘democracy’, to build a revolutionary movement that will put an end to this rotten system once and for all!

Join comrades from the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee, the Revolutionary Student Movement, the Proletarian Feminist Front and the International Campaign Against the War on the People of India as we expose the bankruptcy of the parliamentary system and begin to chart a course toward the revolutionary transformation of society.

Time: Saturday June 7, 2 pm
Location: OISE room 5250
To find out more about the Ontario wide boycott campaign, please visit

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