Ontario Conference Report Back

The Revolutionary Student Movement is ready to take on organizing in the upcoming school year! Most of our comrades across the country have already made plans for re-launching of work after the summer, and we are as prepared as ever. Last weekend, we have held the first ever Eastern Regional Conference in Hamilton, Ontario. Comrades from Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and Ottawa came together for 2 days of sharing of experience, learning to become better organizers and building better connections within our movement.

The Conference was a definite success, being the first conference of revolutionary students that the majority of the comrades participating have ever attended. The political level of discussions held was formidable, with comrades connecting our work and experiences to the longer-term goals of the broader revolutionary movement and grounding their analysis in communist theory and practice. Instead of focusing on lectures and workshops prepared by one presenter, we have decided to focus on giving everyone the chance to share their different organizing experiences and the result was truly inspiring – all of the comrades engaged with exceptional discipline and respect, strengthening their leadership and organizing skills. The Conference allowed participating sections to build higher political unity around our methods of organizing and we move forward as united as we have ever been. Special thanks from all of us to Hamilton Against Fascism for organizing a fantastic show, which partly served as the social event for the weekend. Even the attempted attack of a lone fascist later that night did not ruin the fun, but only made us all more resolute to unite and fight against this heinous political tendency and all of its adherents.

If you support the revolutionary struggle against capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, racism, patriarchy, ableism and other deplorable forms of oppression – we invite you to join our movement this fall! We are the most active revolutionary student organization that isn’t afraid of militant action and doesn’t support the tired methods of appealing to student bureaucracy and bourgeois politicians for small handouts. We build the power of working class students to take control into our hands, remove all barriers to free and good education, and make our education serve the interests of the working class for liberation instead of service of the ruling class. Together, we can win this fight!

Come out to our events and meetings in September, send us a message on Facebook or send us an email if you would like to get involved or to get more information.

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