Politicians Are Liars, And Trudeau Isn’t Any Different

Tomorrow, on March 28th 2014, Justin Trudeau is coming to the ‘Gonk to try to convince students to vote (presumably for the Liberals) in the upcoming election, to become politically involved, despite the falling voter turn-out due to a general disenchantment wand loss of confidence in our bourgeois parliamentary ‘democracy.’ All over Canada, it’s plain to see that folks know that politicians lie when they claim their Party is fighting for them and has their interests at heart.

It’s increasingly clear that due to the cowardly and tentative nature of the self-professed liberal, progressive, radical middle-class elements in this bourgeois parliamentary game; it’s necessary for the working class to organize independently to safeguard our own class interests. Canadian parliamentary ‘representative democracy’ is in fact just another instrument of the ruling class to remain in power, and their elections are elements in this parliamentary game that aims to convince us that is true democracy. However, as soon as elected officials are shown a chance to bring about any systemic change in the interests of the working class through electoral politics, to act in the interest of the people so to speak, they defend instead time and time again fiercely the interests of the bourgeoisie.

True democracy, the dictatorship of the Proletariat, will not come by casting ballots during election season but by struggling to smash capitalism. Come out tomorrow, Friday March 28 to the Algonquin Commons Theatre to express your dissatisfaction with bourgeois parliamentary politics, and your desire for a real alternative to capitalist drudgery.

Doors open at 12 pm, the event begins at 12:30 pm

Look for the Red&Gold swag (banners and posters).

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