#redspring2015 March 24 Day of Action Against Austerity! Solidarity with the Spring 2015 Movement!


The Revolutionary Student Movement is calling for a pan-Canadian day of action against austerity and in solidarity with the Spring 2015 movement on March 24, 2015. We call for the creation of mobilization committees on campuses across Canada with the intent of organizing actions –strikes, demonstrations, walk-outs, etc. – on March 24. Let’s use this opportunity to build a student movement across Canada that is not afraid to fight, and not afraid to win. Let’s use this opportunity to build a student movement that is not content with simply begging the government for scraps by lobbying. And let’s use this opportunity to show the students of Quebec that the rest of Canada stands behind them in their struggle.

Here are all of the resources that we’ve produced so far for the #redspring2015 campaign!


Students of Canada: Rise Up!

How to Form a Spring 2015 Mobilization Committee



Red Spring Poster










Red Spring Poster Demands













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