Resolutions from the Second Conference of Revolutionary Youth and Students

The Organizing committee of the Second Conference of Revolutionary Students and Youth wishes to thank all those who attended this conference. We also invite all activists interested in issues of revolutionary organization in Canada to take note of those proposals adopted to join themselves to the organization of the third conference to be held in early 2014 in Montreal.

In solidarity!

1) To continue to build the RSM by

a. Forming new groups where they don’t exist;
b. Working with existing organisations, where they exist;
c. Rallying new groups to the next conference.
2) To work towards a new movement in theory and practice in serving the people with the revolutionary principles of:

a. Anti-capitalism;
b. Radicalism;
c. Militancy;
d. Internationalism;
e. Independence from the state;
f. Against reformism;
g. And struggling for a broad based education which is scientific and proletarian in nature.
3) To develop a proletarian line on feminism, anti-racism and struggles against other forms of oppression.

4) To hold a 3rd conference in early 2014 in Montreal.

5) To hold a speaking tour in late 2013, visiting various locales, to promote the RSM and the 3rd conference.

6) To hold an event in the fall in Vancouver to promote the RSM.

7) Each city/campus/organisation will name someone responsible for maintaining links with the RSM and to mobilise for the next conference.

8) Each city/campus/organisation will, in the spirit of anti-imperialism:

a. Mobilise for the July 1st day of action in support of the people’s war in India;
b. Stand in solidarity with the people of Syria against imperialist aggression;
c. Oppose Canadian imperialism in all of its manifestations.

9) To integrate new traditions of revolutionary struggle.
To form a revolutionary core among students.
To lead the attack against the bourgeoisie and the capitalist state.
To make every struggle a problem for public order, a political problem that will trigger the struggle for socialism and proletarian power.

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