Resolutions of the Fifth Congress of the Revolutionary Student Movement

1. General line of work in the following year

The MER-RSM will not hold a pan-Canadian day of action this year;

Be it further resolved that we make the next year a year of consolidation and building roots;

Be it further resolved that each section makes recruitment its primary focus;

Be it further resolved that for effective recruitment, each section must focus on outreach, including frequent postering, leafleting, tabling, and event holding, with the goal that everyone on our respective campuses knows that we exist;

Be it further resolved that for retention of new members, weekly meetings, at the same time and location, be held by each section;

Be it further resolved that the political development of new members, through study groups, become a priority;

Be it further resolved that each section take on a small mass campaign specific to their location, as a means of concretizing work, proving the relevancy of anti-capitalist politics, winning small victories, and staying connected with the masses.


2. Tranformative Justice Committee

The MER-RSM will strike an open Transformative Justice Committee

Be it resolved that the Coordinating Committee organize a first meeting of this committee and oversee the completion of its task

Be it further resolved that this committee be tasked with investigating the accumulated experience of the RSM and of other organizations in handling sexual assaults, and all other forms of oppression as outlined in the preamble. This committee will create a praxis guide for local RSM chapters as well as the pan-Canadian organization.

Be it further resolved that this committee work with the Proletarian Feminist Front on the committee’s mandate.

Be it further resolved that this committee contact any groups with relevant experience to their mandate.

Be it further resolved that this committee submit a proposal of a praxis guide to all members at least two weeks prior to next Congress.

Be it further resolved that this committee present a follow-up of their work at the next Congress.

Be it further resolved that the Transformative Justice Committee produce a guide on how to appropriately carry out two-line struggle that is to be completed at least two weeks prior to the next Pan-Canadian MER-RSM congress and to be distributed among its members and shared publicly.


3. On Propaganda

The MER-RSM will create it’s own journal/publication, and will have the first issue ready for next year’s congress.


4. Cadre Training

The Coordinating Committee of the Pan-Canadian MER-RSM is responsible for organizing a speaking tour this upcoming summer of 2016 to share information and practical understandings of our work to its membership and sympathizers, to build our own capabilities and to consolidate the social unity of the organization.

Be it resolved that this speaking tour will travel through the concentrated areas of the MER-RSM, Ontario and Quebec, but that secondary speaking tours or technologically supported events should be encouraged in other parts of Canada.

Be it further resolved that these events be cohosted by local members of each respective chapter to help develop upcoming leadership.


5. I Am A Student

The MER-RSM will support the I Am A Student movement by drafting a letter that will be signed by each of its local chapters.


6. Coordinating committee loss of members

The Coordinating Committee will be given the ability to co-opt members onto the committee if the need arises. If the need does arise, any instances of this occurring need to be approved by the following congress.


7. Fundraisers

The Coordination Committee be tasked with creating guidelines for fundraising and using the funds raised. Guidelines should be produced and sent to sections before the start of 2016 winter semester.

Be it resolved that Chapters that have the capacity and/or need for funds should aim to hold at least one fundraiser every semester.

Be it further resolved that all sections receiving institutional funding centralize at least 10% of this funding to the Pan-Canadian MER-RSM.

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