Resolutions of the Quebec City Conference

1. The RSM officially supports the Spring 2015 movement and will dedicate itself to building the movement.

The RSM will bring forward an anti-capitalist line into the mobilization committees for the spring 2015 Strike.

In Quebec:
-comrades should openly throw themselves into mobilization committees and the Spring 2015 committees.
-they should aspire to be the best and most active militants on these committees.
In the rest of Canada:
-where GAs don’t exist, GA campaigns should be launched.
-where GAs do exist, democratization campaigns should be launched.
-across Canada we should launch mobilization committees, broader than the RSM, with the goal of either spreading the strike across Canada or organizing a pan-Canadian day of action in solidarity with the strike in Spring 2015.


2. Wherever possible, the RSM will mobilize the least-often mobilized students, notably in:
-technical schools
-adult high-schools
-transitional programs


3. The MER-RSM should support the IWW Montreal’s call for a strike on May 1st 2015. This could be related to, but not limited to, Spring 2015 mobilization. Some visibility actions should be organized everywhere it is possible.


4. Be it resolved that an open Transformative Justice Committee be struck
Be it resolved that the Coordinating Committee organize a first meeting of this committee
Be it resolved that this committee be tasked with investigating the accumulated experience of the RSM and of other organizations in handling sexual assaults, and all other forms of oppression as outlined in the preamble. This committee will create a praxis guide for local RSM chapters as well as the pan-Canadian organization.
Be it resolved that this committee work with the Proletarian Feminist Front on the committee’s mandate.
Be it resolved that this committee contact any groups with relevant experience to their mandate.
Be it resolved that this committee submit a proposal of a praxis guide to all members at least two weeks prior to next Congress.
Be it resolved that this committee present a follow-up of their work at the next Congress.


5. The RSM should actively support the creation of a youth branch of the Revolutionary Worker’s Movement, and use our contacts and experience to do so.


6. The next congress should be held in Ottawa.


7. The RSM calls for the destruction of the CFS, CASA, the FEUQ, and the FECQ.

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