Revolutionary Student Movement – Toronto Orientation: Thurs Oct 10




The Revolutionary Student Movement sees its mission to create a combative, anti-capitalist student movement that will serve the proletariat and oppressed peoples in the fight against exploitation. We’re committed to making the city a site of class struggle!

We currently have chapters at University of Toronto, Centennial College and York, and are looking to expand towards all campuses and high schools in the city.

We invite all revolutionary minded youth and students to come to our first orientation event in order to:

– Learn what we mean when we talk about communism and revolution and find out more about student and youth revolutionary movements all over the world

– Vent to us and let us vent to you about the increasing difficulty of being a young person in capitalist society

– Discuss campaigns and actions we can do across various campuses and parts of the city to take a stand against exploitation and oppression in our communities.

We will be meeting at 6:00, Thursday Oct 10th.

There will be yummy snacks!

Join us afterwards 8:00 pm at Red Room (444 Spadina Ave) for drinks and conversation.

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