RSM-Sudbury Meets Every Weds, 6-8pm at Laurentian University: All Students and Youth Are Invited!

The Sudbury chapter of the Revolutionary Student Movement now meets every Wednesday, 6-8pm in the Clubs Room (SCE-210) at the R.D. Parker Building, Laurentian University.

Each meeting begins with reading aloud an important work of Marxist theory and discussing it in relation to today’s world, to arm ourselves with a revolutionary understanding of Canadian society as an imperialist, colonial and capitalist system based on exploitation and oppression of the majority – and how to fight to transform it as part of the broader revolutionary working class movement.

The second half of meetings is dedicated to planning actions (tabling, presentations, campaigns, etc.) to push the class struggle forward at our schools and neighborhoods. By investigating the concrete conditions of oppression faced by the working class around us, linking (in action) the people’s daily struggles against these conditions with a long-term strategy for abolishing their root cause, and winning small victories along the way, we can prove the relevance of radical politics and start to organize a new people’s power against the old order.

All students and youth are welcome. Bring your radical ideas, rebellious energy, and frustrations with education, work and life under capitalism.

If you don’t go to L.U. but want to organize with us at your college or high school, contact us at or via Facebook! Likewise if you are interested in the RSM but cannot make it to meetings.

Location is wheelchair-accessible. Child-care available upon request.

We are the Sudbury chapter of the Canada-wide revolutionary, combative, militant, and anti-capitalist student movement. Join us twice-weekly for discussion and planning meetings: every Tuesday, 3:30-6pm on the main floor of the Mackenzie Public Library – and every Thursday, 7-9pm in room C-318 of the Classroom Building at Laurentian University. All students and youth are welcome. The venues are accessible. Child-care available on-site upon request.

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