RSM-UofT Expands to the Scarborough Campus!

WHEN: Every Monday 6-8PM, starting on January 19th, 2014

WHERE: University of Toronto Scarborough Library, Room 253A

We’re pleased to announce we now have two chapters at the University of Toronto!
Those who were unable to make it out to St. George now have the opportunity to meet and discuss revolutionary theory with us in Scarborough. Join us for the first weekly discussion group!

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The discussion group will include discussions about the struggles of proletarian students in Canada, class struggle, imperialism, settler colonialism and the need to organize youth and students towards the revolution!

For this session, we will be reading out-loud and discussing a document from the Revolutionary Communist Party, titled “What is Canada”, in which we outline the capitalist, imperialist and colonialist contradictions of the Canadian State.

We will have copies of the document for everyone during the discussion group.

Together, let’s make our campus a site of class struggle!!

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