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An enemy of the people!

Donald Smith is a racist, anti-LGBT, pro-fascist and a supporter of fascist harbouring groups such as True North, Rebel Media, and the People's Party of Canada, among others. He is commonly seen at protests agitating others to engage in dangerous actions, filming crowds and "conducting interviews". However, these actions are used to doxx people on his YouTube channel and Facebook by filming people's faces and licence plates. Smith has been seen at anti-Megan Murphy actions, People's Party Rallies, and numerous pro-Indigenous events among fascists, filming to expose those in support of progress and liberation. DO NOT speak to him. If you see Smith, treat him the same as any other enemy of the people.

Known fascist, Donald Smith can regularly be seen in so-called “Vancouver” at pro-Indigenous and pro-LGBTQ2S events documenting attenders and offering fake interviews in order to doxx attenders to organizations such as the Soldiers of Odin and Proud Boys. Fascists such as Smith must be exposed to the people for the safety of the people. Smith is an enemy of all anti-fascists, LGBTQ2S and Indigenous activists and the people. Thus, fascists like Smith must be exposed!
Oppose fascism! Join the Revolutionary Student Movement in Anti-Fascist struggle!

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Condemn Police Brutality and Settler-Colonialism in Canada and USA!

The current crisis of imperialism continues to intensify as the depression deepens its hold on the economy. In moments of crisis such as this, the fury of the masses is intensified and is waiting to be unleashed. This has been seen most recently in the vicious murders of George Floyd in the USA and Regis Korchinski-Paquet in Toronto where the masses have risen up in popular rebellions against the old settler states that continue to occupy Indigenous land. While police brutality against the working-class and colonised peoples of the USA and Canada happen every day and often go unmarked except by a handful of community rallies, the intensified situation caused by the current crisis of the imperialist system has pushed the working-class to the edge and led to these same every day occurrences of capitalism and settler-colonialism launching into mass rebellions around North America. [READ MORE]

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May 1st is International Workers’ Day, when all the oppressed the world over commemorate the struggles of our past and vow to never cease the fight for liberation. On this day, let us never forget that our history is glorious and our future is bright. The people of the world are condemned to win, and all forms of imperialism and reaction are condemned to lose! Knowing this, let us follow resolutely on the shining path towards luminous Communism until the day of final victory. There is naught in the world that is beyond our reach. We have nothing to lose and a whole world to win. Workers and all oppressed of the world unite! Long live red May Day!

Revolutionary School on Proletarian Feminism

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