SEIZE THE TIME: A Call to Revolutionary Students and Youth in Greater Toronto Area!

As the COVID-19 pandemic builds to a second wave, in the midst of the deepening general crisis of capitalism, schools at all levels have reopened across Canada. A disastrous academic year looms ahead, but the Revolutionary Student Movement is on the march! In the Greater Toronto Area, where roughly half a million secondary and post-secondary students reside, we are busy rebuilding our forces to take their post alongside other RSM sections across the country. If you are a student or youth in the GTA who yearns for a better world, this is a great opportunity to join an organization that fights for a revolutionary new society.

For the better part of a decade since RSM’s formation, we have distinguished ourselves by putting militant class struggle at the heart of student organizing in Canada. We are a movement guided by communist principles that serves the people in their struggle for emancipation from the capitalist system. Starting from a loose collection of groups in Quebec and Ontario in 2012, we have expanded from coast to coast while amassing a wealth of experience, both positive and negative. Although there have been missteps along the way, we have fought to turn these into hard-won lessons, steeling our ranks and ridding us of the opportunism of false leaders. Every step has shaped us for the tougher things to come. And as we head into the new school year, we reaffirm what we stated at our last Congress: “We are an organization of disciplined revolutionary militants, forging ourselves as leaders for the coming war against the old State, within our lifetimes!”

The conditions for building such an organization are enormously favourable today. The current global economic depression is the deepest crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s, wiping out any remaining hope of a decent future for billions of young workers around the world. Decades of capitalist gutting of healthcare and social programs in Canada is sacrificing the poor and elderly to COVID-19 in droves. Stressed-out students and underpaid staff across both elementary and secondary schools are being crammed into ill-prepared classrooms, while post-secondary students are made to pay full tuition for glorified conference calls. In Ontario alone, the workhorse of the Canadian economy, bourgeois analysts predict a ‘recovery’ period that will last for years. These will be years in which Canadian imperialism will enact brutal measures against the toiling masses of this country, intensify its plunder of Indigenous nations domestically and drive its claws deeper into the oppressed countries abroad, all in order to save its own skin. It is always the poor and downtrodden who are forced to pay for the renovation of this rotten system with their blood and sweat.

But in turn, this oppression generates resistance daily. Workers that were deemed essential in the first wave of the pandemic are ever more conscious of their power, mobilizing to demand their due. Heroic struggles of Indigenous nations for self-determination are sparking up at every turn, adopting increasingly militant tactics, rallying broad masses in active solidarity, and shaking up the Canadian prison-house of nations. Rent strikes of poor and working tenants in major cities across the country have put the giant housing corporations in check, most notably here in Toronto, the heart of Canadian imperialism. South of the border, the historic Black uprising continues to reverberate, marshaling proletarian youth to fight on the front-lines against militarized pigs and fascists in the belly of the beast. The masses are seeing that when they turn their class instincts into actions, they can score victories against the old State. And they will not soon forget this.

These are truly historic times, the likes of which have not been seen for generations! As the imperialist tyrants and their lackeys desperately try to navigate through the storms, they only succeed in proving that their bag of tricks is empty. Their veil of legitimacy is tattered, their reformist stooges on the ‘left’ are losing influence, and they cannot resolve the fundamental contradictions that will inevitably spell their doom. The essence of our era thus stands out in sharp relief, as Chairman Mao pointed out and Chairman Gonzalo reaffirmed: imperialism is drowning in its own contradictions, it is headed for total defeat, which signals the strategic offensive of the world revolution. It means the ball is in our court! We must simply dare to seize the time.

With this in mind, we call on all revolutionary students and youth in the GTA to reach out to us without delay! Whether you are in high school, college or university, RSM is the place to be for those who wish to put their lives at the service of the working class. Let’s unite to fulfill our part in bringing to life the new great wave of proletarian revolution.

To that end, coming out of RSM’s last Congress, we have rallied around the slogan of “Students to the Streets!” and begun to better realize our role within the broader revolutionary movement. In the GTA as everywhere else across this vast occupied territory, our duty is to venture out beyond our school campuses, to the places where the crisis is creating explosive conditions, the places where the new power will be born. That is where we will integrate with the proletariat and oppressed nations who rebel more and more every day. It is their rebellion – forged into a mighty People’s War led by a militarized Communist Party – which is the sole force capable of eradicating the scourge of Canadian imperialism, settler-colonialism and capitalism from the face of the Earth.

We set about this task with humility, knowing the immense challenges ahead. Yet we have boundless optimism, because we arm ourselves with the all-powerful teachings of history’s great leaders of the working class. We invite you to join us on this road.

Long live the Revolutionary Student Movement!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

People’s War until communism!

— A statement from the GTA organizing committee of the RSM. To get involved, email us at or message us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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