Solidarity Statement with Lindsay/Toronto Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike

The Revolutionary Student Movement (Peterborough Chapter) expresses solidarity with 50 immigration detainees undergoing a hunger strike at Toronto and Lindsay prisons to protest worsening living conditions. These men are currently being held without a trial at the Central East Correctional Centre and Toronto East Detention Centre indefinitely, they are demanding to speak to Ralph Goodale (Canada’s Minister of Public Safety). We would also like to extend solidarity to the End Immigration Detention Peterborough who will be holding a meeting to brainstorm ways we can support the hunger strike on Wednesday July 13th at 7:00 pm at the OPIRG office in Sadlier House, Peterborough. The RSM will be hosting a reading/discussion group on Saturday, July the 16th at Confederation park (across from City Hall/in front of PCVS)

End immigration detention!

Solidarity with striking migrants! 

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