Tabling for OPIRG-York’s 2014 Disorientation!

We’ll be tabling most of the day between 10 am – 4 pm.
Come out and discuss with us how we intend to unleash class struggle on campus!

DIS-ORIENTATION @ York U 2014: Fear Of An Active Campus!

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York University has a long history of protest and social movements. Lead by both student and community members there have been many successes, from staying unjust deportations of students, to getting the University to commit to stop selling bottled water by 2015. But along with these successes, there have been student and activist repression, a fear on behalf of the York administration.

York’s prohibitive actions of banning of student groups and individuals, demonstrations and freedom of expression, along with the use of security and increasing police presence contribute to racial profiling and further restrictions of student rights and freedoms, stereotyping of the Jane and Finch community and a continued denial of gender based violence issues without making an effort to address and. At the same time, the University invests its money (yes, student money) into war and occupation in other countries and into fossil fuel companies that pollute and destroy communities and the earth.

Fear of an Active Campus