Join Revolutionary Student Movement-Toronto at Trans March Toronto on the 28th


pridetorontoThe Board Members of Pride Toronto Celebrating Gay Capitalism

June 24, 2013- Toronto Pride Festivities opened this week with the board of directors of Pride Toronto on Bay Street helping to ring in the Toronto Stock Exchange. A news release from the TSX describes Pride Toronto as “celebrating the history, courage, diversity and future of Toronto’s Pride community”.  We need to stop and ask ourselves, a future for whom?

This event, along with the ever present sponsorship from banks such as TD have caused many involved in the left in Toronto to call for an end to “corporate pride”.  However, corporate interests are only one segment of bourgeois society, and what we should be doing is attacking the rotten system that is capitalism.



Liberals and so called “progressives” are also taking the time to celebrate Ontario’s out lesbian premier, Kathleen Wynne, as a supposed evidence of the inclusiveness of the capitalist state. However, as the gap between the rich and poor grows ever deeper, the rights of workers to organize is under attack, political protest against the capitalist order is increasingly repressed, and youth in the province suffer high rates of unemployment and overwhelming student debt- it is evident that “victory” of liberal democracy is one that serves only the elites and not the masses.

The liberation of the working class will not come from the board room nor the ballot box.  We commemorate the militant histories of Stonewall, the San Francisco White Night riots, and the Toronto Bathhouse Raid Riots of 1981, by asking LGBT people to join us in fighting capitalism in the streets.


-Revolutionary Students Movement Toronto

Join us! Meet us June 28, at 730 pm at George Hislop Park.  Look for the Red Flags.  A link to the march route can be found here.

A School is a Prison, but Real Education is Liberation; A Call-Out for High-School Students to Join the Revolution!

Being a high school student sucks! Not only do parents have authority over you at home, but also the teachers, the VP and the principal at school! You have to take bullshit classes like Careers and Civics that teach you nothing about the real world. Many of you even have to deal with the surveillance of cops in the hallways.

Our society is a capitalist one – organized so that rich people can get richer by exploiting the rest of us. While it’s easy to blame teachers, capitalism is what turns schools into prisons. Under capitalism, you are treated as a commodity, something that is bought and sold. Early on in high school, you are streamed into categories—academic or applied. These categories are invented to make you fit into the capitalist system, to train you to be an obedient worker; be on time, be in proper uniform, be obedient, don’t challenge the teachers, and, don’t think for yourself.

Those of us in the Revolutionary Students Movement (the RSM) have put posters up around Toronto high schools. These posters reflect issues that high school students face, such as cops, bullies, bullshit authority, and political powerlessness. The posters introduce RSM’s 100 Schools Campaign, which will continue over the summer and into the school year.

With this poster campaign we want to invite you to connect issues affecting you to capitalism—a system that reduces people, especially young people, to profit. Furthermore, we wish to invite you to think about how you can achieve liberation. We believe that the people who controlthe school system are the same people who control the prison system and the whole social system. We believe overthrowing all of these systems is necessary.

We are interested in meeting you. We invite high-school students to join us at the next Casseroles march in solidarity with the student strike in Montreal and to future events held for the 100 Schools Campaign throughout the summer.