RSM-Sudbury Targeted by Police Repression, but Continues to Organize!

Since the string of revolutionary street art began to appear around town on Monday of last week and the March Against School Closures on Tuesday January 24th, the police have intensified their attacks on the Sudbury chapter of the Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM-Sudbury).

A small group of RSM supporters were chased by unidentified men in the downtown core that Monday afternoon. The men pursued the supporters for several blocks, yelling that they believed our supporters were responsible for spray painting a building.

We saw a dramatically increased police presence at our demonstration against public school closures on January 24th. Surveillance was heavy, with cops taking pictures of attendees’ faces and recording conversations. At the end of the demonstration, police approached and then pursued a group of RSM supporters and organizers for a short distance as they were leaving together.

police repression
Pigs invade meeting of RSM-Sudbury on Thurs, Jan 26.

Later on Thursday evening, January 26th, during what was supposed to be our public Winter Semester Orientation at Laurentian University, police occupied the meeting room before we arrived preventing the Orientation from taking place. One RSM supporter who was on the scene was questioned and threatened by police. The cops pressed them for information even after they said they were not willing to share any. They threatened to charge the supporter with obstruction of justice for not giving their name and other information, and implied that ‘liking’ the RSM-Sudbury Facebook page was grounds for laying charges. After asking a number of times if the supporter had been at the demonstration on January 24th and receiving no answer, they attempted and failed to arrest them for trespassing at the Rainbow District School Board office under the assumption they had been at the demo.

And a few days ago, police invaded the home of a supporter and searched their residence without a warrant. They used intimidation and fear tactics to enter the premises, threatening to surround the house on all sides until a warrant to search could be obtained. The cops then searched the house under the pretense they were looking for somebody, but turned over every corner of the place where no person could hide, even inside dresser drawers, under mattresses, and through the contents of their desk. This is despite not laying any charges! They’ve continued to harass this person, showing up at their home three times now, and have shown up at the homes of other supporters as well. No RSM supporters have offered any information despite police intimidation and we continue to urge others to not to talk to the police either.

This heavy-handed police repression may look like a totally unprecedented attack on RSM-Sudbury, but the RSM has faced police surveillance and repression to a lesser degree since its inception. This is in the context of a general strengthening of the repressive state apparatus which targets any radical elements in society that call capitalism and its markers into question. We are facing a blatant attempt to stifle any further political activity of RSM-Sudbury because they see us as a threat.

We won’t allow them to intimidate us! RSM-Sudbury will continue to struggle against this rotten settler-colonial capitalist system, the state which protects it, and its many manifestations including the closures of eight public schools in our city!

We will continue to hold weekly public meetings on the Laurentian University campus. The meeting scheduled for this Thursday February 2nd will be cancelled, but regular weekly meetings will resume on Thursday February 9th at 6pm. All those interested in joining the fight are welcome to attend.

Solidarity with all targets of capitalist political repression!

Resist the campaign of police intimidation and terror!

Dare to struggle, dare to win!

The War in India: Genocide, Fascism, and Resistance; Joint Event with the International Campaign Against War on the People in India (ICAWPI)!

The War in India: Genocide, Fascism, and Resistance; Joint Event with the International Campaign Against War on the People in India (ICAWPI)!

RSM-York is pleased to be holding a joint event with our comrades from ICAWPI! This will be a can’t miss event


Come out for an open discussion on the situation in India, where for the past five years the government has been waging all-out war on its population; murdering, raping and detaining tens of thousands of activists, militants and civilians in an attempt to crush increasingly popular resistance movements. This brutal crackdown, named “Operation Greenhunt”, receives financial and military support from the U.S., Israel and increasingly Canada.

Presentations will focus on the intensification of this repression under the new Hindu-Fascist Modi government and on other long-standing wars in India, such as the occupation of Kashmir and attacks against Muslim and Dalit communities. Finally we will touch on what we can do here in Toronto to oppose the War on the people of India
and stand in solidarity with the brave organizations and organizers fighting back!


Speakers Include:
Dhruv Jain, ICAWPI – Toronto
Dr. Raju Das, Department of Geography, York University
Kabir Joshi-Vijayan, ICAWPI – Toronto

Settler-Colonialism, Red Power, and Revolutionary Politics–An Evening with Roxanne Dunbar-Oritz

Settler-Colonialism, Red Power, and Revolutionary Politics–An Evening with Roxanne Dunbar-Oritz

Audio recording of this event is now available. To listen, click the appropriate section below:

Introduction by PRAC/RSM and Revolutionary greetings from the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada (RCP-Canada):
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s talk:
Question and Answer period:

In the imperialist countries of the United States of America and Canada, the Native peoples’ struggle for self-determination and liberation is essential to any revolutionary strategy against capitalism. Built on the plunder and theft of aboriginal land, and the brutal oppression of the First Nations peoples, settler-colonial governments today continue their long tradition of genocidal policies for the benefit of parasitical national and multinational corporations. Native reservations are the colonies of these states, where indigenous people are forced to live in intolerable conditions under heavy state repression while their land and resources are violently appropriated for imperialist profits.

Yet 500 years of colonization also produced 500 years of indigenous resistance to colonial oppression and genocide. Spectacular and inspiring examples of indigenous armed resistance and militancy in the contemporary era include the 1973 re-seizure of land in the town of Wounded Knee, by the Oglala Lakota, as well as in the town of Oka in 1990, where the Mohawk people in Kahnesetake valiantly confronted the violence of the Canadian state in defending the integrity of their territories, to mention only a couple. Land tenure is at the heart of Native resistance and sovereignty.

Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee, and its student division, Revolutionary Students Movement, is very honoured to present revolutionary militant and comrade, Dr. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. A longtime activist in the American Indian Movement and the International Indigenous Movement, Dunbar-Ortiz will speak on the rise of the Red Power Movement, which rapidly developed in the wake of Third World national liberation struggles after World War II, and the significant influence of Marxism-Leninism, as well as Maoism, on the national question. From her theoretical and political work, we hope to glean important lessons from Dunbar-Ortiz’ personal experiences of revolutionary struggles while discussing the strategic importance of building a united front in advancing the proletarian class-struggle, for overthrowing the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and for the abolition of capitalism.

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Organized by: Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee (Toronto), Revolutionary Students Movement (Toronto)

Endorsed by: International League of People’s Struggle (Canada)BASICS