Combating Liberalism: Sexuality and Class Politics

Combating Liberalism: Sexuality and Class Politics

The Revolutionary Students Movement in Toronto will be hosting a Communist Night School on Thursday, November 17th, from 7PM to 9PM, at Innis College, room 313. We invite you to the second session of an ongoing series of free educational discussions on various aspects of Communist politics and culture where we will debate questions of identity politics and liberalism. Let’s discuss how and why the so-called ‘death’ of communism and the rise of neo-liberalism has obscured our analysis of race, gender and sexuality as an economic phenomenon.

This session, we will be focusing on sexuality. Topics will include the gay movement, including its accomplishments and failures. We will be looking at where the movement has made tactical errors. We will also examine some of the communist backlash against homosexuality as an identity and as a practice, and deconstruct the pseudo-science that underly uncritical Marxism’s attacks on homosexuality. Finally, we will do a brief overview of the history of homosexuality from a Marxist perspective.

Attendees are invited to go through the reading as much as possible and take part in discussions. We will have three presenters, who will break down the reading into digestible components.

Did we mention there will be snacks?

Hope to see you there. marx_ianjames