When: This Friday, February 26, 5-8pm
Where: Movie Room @ Single Students Residence, Laurentian University

In the near future, a failed experiment to avert global warming kills all life on the planet, except for a lucky few who take refuge on a train that travels endlessly around the globe with a special engine at its head. Soon a class society with two main poles emerges on the train. On the one hand, a powerful minority who control the engine and live lavishly with their allies and protectors at the front of the train; on the other, a huge dominated underclass confined to the darkness and squalor of the back.

As contradictions sharpen aboard the train, the tail sections launch a revolutionary charge aimed at taking power from their oppressors at the front. But to finally control the engine, they must overcome great material and ideological obstacles, distinguish friends from enemies, unite all who can be united under their revolutionary leadership, build real solidarity by fighting oppressive divides within their own ranks, and resist the temptations of reformism and retreat.

Snowpiercer gives an unflinching, ultimately optimistic view of what it will take to win. Entry is free but donations are welcome. Popcorn will be served and there will be an open discussion after the movie. Venue is accessible. Free parking available at Lot 7 across from West Residence.

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