The Revolutionary Student Movement Celebrates International Workers Day!

May Day 2016! The Revolutionary Student Movement will be participating in various actions across Canada to celebrate the ongoing struggle of the working class against capitalism, and to mourn the many people who have lost their lives to the abhorrent conditions of this oppressive system. On this day we extend revolutionary greetings and wishes of solidarity to all people struggling against capitalism, imperialism and colonialism. We stand in solidarity with the People’s Wars and revolutions being waged all over the world by revolutionaries in India, the Philippines, Nepal, Turkey, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Peru, and others.

Toronto RSM

On this day, we wish to highlight the following struggles that revolutionary students and youth across Canada are engaged in:

  1. General Assemblies and Democratization of Student Unions! At Algonquin College, where our comrades are organizing around the right for students to bring forward referendum issues to the Student Association, and York University, where our comrades are fighting for a real general assembly.
  2. Proletarian Feminism! Our comrades in Peterborough have initiated the Revolutionary Gender & Sexuality Education Program, and the counter-demonstration against the anti-choice “March for Life” co-hosted by the RSM sections in the Ottawa region.
  3. Against Militarization and Increased Policing! In Toronto, RSM sections are working on the 15 Years of War campaign to highlight the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan. In Hamilton, the RSM initiated the De Caire Off Campus! campaign, against pro-carding former police chief Glenn De Caire’s hiring as head of campus security.
  4. Anti-Fascism and Anti-Racism! Our comrades in Montreal and Toronto have taken the lead in organizing against far-right organizations such as PEGIDA, other reactionary groups such as the Jewish Defence League and Men’s Rights groups like the Canadian Association for Equality. We are now one of the main anti-fascist organizations in Montreal and remain one of the only student groups openly challenging Men’s Rights Activists.
  5. Immigrant Solidarity! Our comrades in Montreal have been forging ties in the Kurdish community and doing solidarity work with the resistance of the Kurdish people against the Canadian supported Erdogan regime and the Islamic State.
  6. Against School Closures! RSM Sudbury has been working to fight for the rights of students caught up in Laurentian’s decision to close its Barrie campus. In Vancouver, the RSM has been working against the Vancouver School Board’s plan to close down schools in proletarian and racialized neighbourhoods.
  7. Worker Solidarity! In Halifax, the RSM has been working on organizing journalism students to stop them from scabbing on the strike by journalists at the Halifax Chronicle Herald.
  8. Against Tuition Fees! In 2017 tuition fees in Ontario will be deregulated. In anticipation of what will likely be a massive increase in fees, we call for all progressive, democratic, and revolutionary students to come together and fight. More plans will be available in the coming months.

With this statement we affirm our commitment to struggle in the interests of working-class students and the broader working class for the coming year. We will continue the fight against capitalism, against settler-colonialism and imperialism, and against the capitalist state! If you would like to help us in smashing capitalism and building a better future, we call on you to join the Revolutionary Student Movement!


For more information on May Day events in your area, check out the list of events provided here by the PCR-RCP:

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