The Revolutionary Student Movement upholds and supports the RCP’s expulsion of abusers and their apologists

Recently the rapist Brendan Copegog White and his apologist Dimka Melnik were expelled from the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada. Each had abused their influential positions to engage in manipulative or violent patriarchal behaviour. While Brendan sexually assaulted and subsequently harassed a member of the former RSM-Carleton, Dimka worked to cover up the assault to protect Brendan from accountability, and used his position as Chairperson of the Coordinating Committee of the RSM to isolate, slander and attack the survivor.

Though Dimka’s coverup was eventually discovered and a thorough investigation conducted, the RSM still betrayed the survivor and RSM-Carleton by failing to immediately begin an independent investigation, instead taking Dimka at their word, even knowing about their social connection to Brendan and their past failure to correctly handle instances of patriarchal violence on the left. The result was the further isolation of the survivor and the dissolution of RSM-Carleton as an RSM section.

There is sufficient evidence to conclude that the accusations against Brendan are credible, such that any attempt to defend or protect Brendan is rape apologism, and incompatible with membership in any revolutionary organization. Brendan and those who support him should be excluded from any revolutionary organizing space, and any other space, depending on the revolutionary movements ability to enforce their exclusion and justify it to the masses.

The RSM therefore upholds and supports the expulsion of Brendan and Dimka from the Party. Further, it expresses solidarity with the survivor and commits to aiding them with combating Brendan and his supporters attempts to silence and intimidate them in any way that it is able.

– Coordinating Committee of the Revolutionary Student Movement

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