Toward a Revolutionary Proletarian Feminism

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, the next Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) Communist Night School* will discuss issues of gender and class. Specifically, what does feminism mean to proletarian and working-class women? We will read about various strands of feminist thought—from radical feminism, socialist feminism, liberal feminism, to anarcho-feminism—and critique each strand. Finally, we will explore what proletarian feminism means in order to develop a revolutionary proletarian feminist politics.

TIME: 6:30PM, Wednesday, February 29th

LOCATION: Charlie’s Bike Shop, 242.5 Queen Street East, 1 block east of Sherbourne. 

READINGS: 1. pp.18-20. (UPDATE: Link now fixed.)

2. Brave New World–Philosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement (pp.11-59) by Avanti

“But we are proletarian feminists because women are not all alike: there are the bourgeois, the petty bourgeois and proletarian women. Feminism is characterized by the class characters of women. We want a women’s movement expression of the majority of women who are proletarian workers, precarious of today and tomorrow, who are oppressed inside and outside the family. Women who have nothing to defend but have double chains to break. A proletarian feminism because this social capitalist system is classist, this State, Government, these parliamentary parties are classists, their policy is based on a daily class struggle, because sexism, clericalism, fascism are expression of a capitalist, barbarized and rotten class. The proletarian feminism asserts the incompatibility of women with every economical, political, social, cultural, ideological aspect of this bourgeois system. We affirm the proletarian feminism against the petty bourgeois feminism who struggle just to carve out spaces for themselves in this social system.” –Maoist Road

Question to keep in mind for the night of the school: Considering that proletarian feminist movements worldwide are geared toward women liberating themselves from the material oppressions of capitalist/imperialist systems, what is our role, as residents in an imperialist and oppressor country, in helping to create a proletarian women’s movement that will address the concrete struggles of proletarian women?

*The Communist Night School series are hosted by a bunch of students who don’t really have time to do all the readings they’re supposed to do for school or more interesting stuff. We have engaged topics such assexuality, people’s wars, youth movements, etc in past night school series. Read the entries in this website, or flag one of us down after the event, to learn more about some of our actions.

Light refreshments provided.

Hope to see you there!

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